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Attract Clients From Social Media

Build A Community • Connect with Potential Clients • Grow Your Business

You have a dream to help people with your coaching, but no one told you it would be so hard to keep a consistent flow of clients!

You have a passion but your family and friends are starting to doubt you. Especially your spouse…and it’s not helping you it’s just making you feel more pressure…

You feel like you are being pulled into ten different directions with trying to be everywhere, especially on social media.

So, you try an Instagram course and then a LinkedIn and then a Facebook course because we are told are clients are there.

But it’s not working…well at least not as fast as you would like it to.

Let me tell you a little secret…the only people really making money on social media are those selling courses about social media!

I know how you feel…because I was right there. There is a better way.

To go from simply surviving to THRIVING and to triumph over the non believers is to own your space and create a community that is begging to buy from you.

No more trying to convince someone they need what YOU have! 

You’ve gotten this far so, let’s be honest, can we?

Last year is in the past but you are asking yourself questions like…what changes need to happen, what do I need to do differently besides hustle more?

I’m here to tell you that hustling is overrated! More hustling does not mean more moolah!

Cause…hustling affects other areas of your life like your health, a lack of sleep, it affects your creativity and creates less time for your family.

You feel like if I’m not hustling, I’m not contributing enough and guilt is probably the worse feeling of them all.

You might be where I was a couple of years ago, buying course after course thinking SOMETHING has to work! I must be missing it.

You might be thinking, just this last one - because you’re certain that there’s a golden nugget that’s going to change everything this time!

Stop! You don’t need another course you need clients!!!

Let me ask you a question…how would it feel to have guidance and input rather than paving the entire way yourself?

Clients That Convert will help you get paid while building your list and convert them to clients.

Join the NEW workshop…"How To Get Paid To Build Your Email List”. Where I’ll show you how to build your #1 Asset, your list even without a product.

“Clients That Convert”

”The “Clients That Convert” gave me very specific strategies and tools for building my business. Louise is incredibly knowledgeable. She has a great ability to explain a step by step process that works.

This was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about finding and closing clients. I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.

It’s made all the difference in my business.” - Janet Jaecksch

National sales director, coach, serial entrepreneur Louise Courville proudly landed in the Top 50 Most Influential Women in the optical industry before venturing out of corporate to coach like minded women.

The creator of Girl Boss Coaches Podcast with 280 + episodes, Louise teaches proven systems to accelerate business growth with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and coaches reach profitability fast, allowing them to make a big difference in the world.

Allow Louise to take your current business to the next level, accelerate your success with proven systems that allow you to make the difference you were meant to make — all while staying true to yourself.


Podcasts that Louise has been a guest on are: The Entrepreneur Way, Side Hustle Rage, Javier Morquecho Show and The Business Power Hour.