There are a lot of client attraction strategies being taught today, some just don’t work when you are just starting out. Blogging. Podcasting. Grinding out articles and videos - this could take years.

These are fine for building an audience, but these outdated strategies are hopeless when it comes to enrolling new clients.

We teach our students cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work…and we give you the support you need to take action and create extraordinary transformations that enable you to close clients consistently.

And when you’re ready, click below to attend a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help you close clients for your coaching or service based business…even if you are an introvert.

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Is this you?

You've started your coaching business because you want to help others, right? 

You've acquired a few leads, but you have not yet been able to convert them to clients.

You are wondering if you can make enough money to support you and your family?

You know that you need the support, encouragement, accountability, direction and probably a kick in the pants!

You deserve to become an amazing coach changing the world around you one life at a time.

It's time - time for you. Put an end to the daily grind of creating content, trying to build a business while squeezing in time to spend with family. 

Join us on the webinar and learn how to Close Clients Consistently for your business even if you are an introvert!

Our Group Coaching Program...Love & Launch in Six Weeks with your first client was created for women who are coaching or consulting. If you have to get on the phone to close clients this is for you.

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THIS LIVE Webinar is FREE! Seats are "limited to 100" and it fills up FAST! 


Seats are limited! 


You were BORN to make a difference.

In your life.

Your family's life.

Other people's lives.

You know you are different from most.

You have a desire to help others and create a coaching business that changes people's lives.

So, you've taken action and started to carve your own path.

You have everything you need to move forward. But, no one told you that getting clients and closing clients on a call would be this tough!

You didn't start your coaching career because your were good at sales! That's the piece no one told you about. 

That's why I walk you through the process, sales coaching is "what" I do with over 16 years of coaching award winning sales representatives, I can do this for you too. 

I walk you through the process so that closing on calls become so easy for you'll never break out in a sweat when you get to your fees ever again.  



Join other women who are right where you are at this moment.

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