The Uncommon Brand

Create A Brand In Demand

Be Polarizing | Memorable | Be Prosperous


If you’re online, then you need to become an Uncommon Brand.

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Build a business that is unmistakably you.

When it comes to talking about their businesses, many people are so close to their products or services they don’t know how to talk about it so potential clients will listen.

“It’s like trying to read a label from inside the jar.”

The Uncommon Brand Retreat helps individuals go from obscurity in their market to building a business that goes beyond their brand.

Where you become sought after, creating a space that’s uniquely yours in the online world.

Louise had a tremendous impact on my business that really provided clarity that I desperately needed. Having her in my corner advising me how to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars was a simple process of following her steps. - Jerry Hunter

A business can’t live in obscurity for long and most solopreneurs don’t realize there are two types of obscurities that keep keep them stuck.

Complex Creative – Unknown. Trying to be all things to all people and starting to lose faith with the daily grind of content creation.

Unconscious Ambiguity – Unaware. Their unclear messaging is confusing their ideal client and how it’s impacting their business.

As a solo-entrepreneur you don’t have a team of people to work on your brand message so you can build a business that is attracting the right clients to scale to the next level.

“Direction, not intention determines your destination.”

Having a sounding board with someone who gets you, and that’s because they were once where you are now makes the all the difference.

The Solution:

Taking you from obscurity to being the only “ONE” in a unique market you create. The Uncommon Brand 2 Day Framework to building your Messaging that makes you a unique Brand.

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You are asking yourself questions like…

What changes need to happen, what do I need to do differently besides grinding out more content?

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion.

Join the workshop and…

Create clear and compelling messages that spread like wildfire. 


“This is a Game Changer”

Louise gave me very specific strategies and tools for building my business. Louise is incredibly knowledgeable. She has a great ability to explain a step by step process that works.

This was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about finding and closing clients. I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.

It’s made all the difference in my business.” - Janet Jaecksch

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National sales director, coach, serial entrepreneur Louise Courville left corporate career in 2015 to coach like minded women to create 6 figure incomes.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs and coaches reach profitability fast by “creating a clear message so they stand out.”


Messages need to be memorable and portable.

Create a message that people will remember and take with them.

Your business helps people and you’re really good at what you do. BUT…

It’s hard to get heard in a noisy marketplace.

Be the brand people remember because you’re different…this guide will help you dive deeper and create a clear voice so you can be heard.

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