The Coach’s Copy Template

Posting content on all the social media platforms, writing emails, creating blog posts and it can be exhausting!

Sitting in front of a blank page to write content is daunting. Sometimes we don’t give copy it’s fair due and we slap something up because we are done thinking for the day.

But, people aren’t opting in, opening emails and it’s getting harder each month to get clients. It’s not your fault, most coaches are solopreneurs… you are doing all things in your business.

Instead of doing everything at a 10 we are “good enough” with a 7. The one thing we do outside of coaching is copy and it’s pretty hard to outsource; first - it’s very expensive and the second reason is no one knows your client like you do.

Some coaches have the story building chip but most of us don’t.

Can you imagine building your email list because you took a few extra minutes to print this template and fill it out in 10 minutes or less and write copy that sticks?

The Coach’s Copy Template will make you look like a professional copywriter and make your sales pages convert.

Watching what people do and seeing a trend in their copy is how I created this template. You could probably do the same thing but it would take you weeks maybe months to gather the intel.

Use it every time you are going to write copy for you sales pages and website. When I don’t I can see the difference.

Why would you want to continue to see people visiting your website or sales page or read an email and they do absolutely nothing! They exit.

That’s what was happening to me in all those three areas until I developed this template that I want to share with you.

First, download it then print it up and fill in the questions with your answers and start writing!

If your optins are less than desirable, then yes this will change it for you. But you must use it. You don’t need another course or to hire a copywriter for several thousands of dollars this is totally free and you can start using it immediately.

Revolutionize Your Message • Connect with Clients • Grow Your Business

You have a dream to help people with your coaching, but no one told you it would be so hard to keep a consistent flow of clients!

You have a passion but your family and friends are starting to doubt you. Especially your spouse…and it’s not helping you it’s just making you feel more pressure.

You feel like you are being pulled into ten different directions with trying to be everywhere, especially on social media.

So, you try an Instagram course and then a LinkedIn and then a Facebook course because we are told are clients are there. But it’s not working…well at least not as fast as you would like it to.

Let me tell you a little secret…the only people really making money on social media are those selling courses on social media!

I know how you feel…because I was right there. There is a better way.

To go from simply surviving to THRIVING and to triumph over the non believers is to own your category.

No more trying to convince someone they need what YOU have! 


Do You Struggle With Grabbing The Attention Of New Clients?

  • Are you spending way too much time on non-income generating tasks?

  • Are people going to your website and not opting in?

  • Do you want guidance and input rather than paving the entire way yourself?

  • Is your messaging clear and to the point or are people confused and exit?

  • Are you tired of having to educate people about the benefits of your coaching?

  • Is your traffic at a standstill?


What Makes This So Different?

The 3D Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you…

  • Define: Create your group coaching program and generate 10 K per month.

  • Design: Create a once and it’s done system for generating clients consistently.

  • Dominate: Build your list and your clients by incorporating the 3 prong approach to traffic.

Let’s face it trying to get clients from social media is like standing in a food court yelling to people who are not interested in your coaching.

But, how can you know if it the framework works for your business? Join our FREE class to learn more.

You deserve to become a sought after coach so that you can change the world one life at a time.

“This Was A Game Changer”

”This program gave me very specific strategies and tools for building my business. Louise is incredibly knowledgeable. She has a great ability to explain to others with less technical and professional sales experience.

This was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much that it has changed how I think about finding and closing clients. I wish I had learned these strategies much sooner.

They are really going to help me build my business.” - Janet Jaecksch

The Coach’s Copy Template

Holy Moley Louise Courville! Talk about delivering value! I just downloaded and printed my copy of your Coach’s Copy Template. It is almost over-delivery of value! - Terri Baber

Podcasts that Louise has been a guest on are: The Entrepreneur Way, Side Hustle Rage, Javier Morquecho Show and The Business Power Hour.