The 7 Habits to Optimize Your Performance

The 7 Habits to Optimize Your Performance.

This could invariably change the trajectory of your business and your life. I know my favorite one personally is number six…read through and tell us what you have already incorporated in your business that has made a huge difference on your productivity and your revenue.

1)The first habit to form is…Creating a morning routine. This can be hard to create but the most successful people have amazing routines.

This could be, a gratitude journal, meditation, morning smoothie, a workout, making your bed or no media. It can be whatever you want to create.

Start with TWO and give it 10 minutes of your time. Increase weekly with longer sessions by 5 minutes or adding a new habit.

Oprah’s morning routine is to…

What's Your Hook?

What’s your hook?

I listened extensively this morning about creating your hook. What is it?

A hook is what is different about your offer that is going to GRAB your audience’s attention.

For those who don’t know me, I am a get to the point kind of person. I have little fluff and I love bullet points. This is what you are going to get from me. I am not going to explain it until I am blue in the face.

If you want that then go listen to Amy Porterfield...

6 Steps To Getting Started Online Quicker

There are a lot of people who want to start an online business.

It becomes overwhelming thinking about all the moving parts (This is not techie)

I've tried to simplify it for you with these 6 steps. 

I've also included a Free Instant PDF download for you. 

Let me know if this helps you in the comments. 

[Amazing] Work Life Balance

[Amazing] Work Life Balance

hese 3 little words are so powerful, yet we take no heed to them.

We say we are because we are balancing, or we think we are balancing it out in other areas of our life.

Let me give you an example of this, it’s not easy to share how this unbalance is happening…right now in my life.

Deep down I knew something was wrong.

Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs

Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs

What I know I am not is a book review expert so I haven't read all these books.

This is a really good compilation of books that if you are an entrepreneur you've probably read some of them and if aren't there are a few in there for you too.

Almost all of the books have several hundred reviews and if they don't they have very high ratings 4.5 and above. 

This list came by recommendation by other entrepreneurs and if you are an entrepreneur then you know how passionate you can be about what you have read! 

As entrepreneurs we have what they call "high processing capacity" from Alex Charfen's book the Entrepreneurial Personality. 

When something is sparks your interest you will study it so that you know more than anyone else on the topic. 

You do process faster allowing you to find

20 Side Businesses to Start Now

With over 70% of the population not liking what they do as a full time job it only makes sense why so many people are looking for a business they can start while at their full time job. 

6 Steps To Build Your Business Faster

Creating your blue ocean is crucial., making your competition irrelevant. Start today with these 6 steps and be ahead of the crowd. 

Imagine Starting an Online Business and Loving Every Minute of it

With over 70% of the population not liking what they do as a full time job it only makes sense why so many people are looking for a business they can start while at their full time job. 

Choosing the entrepreneurial route can be risky but the rewards can be more than worth it. You have so much flexibility in your schedule and there is no cap in what you can earn. 

Like they say you are never going to be rich working for someone else! 

There are lots of people who want to start something but their first questions always are.. "What if I don't know what I want to do?" or "How do I find the business to start while I am working full time?"

What's New and Exciting...

I have been learning a lot in the last year that I have been doing the entrepreneurial thing for over a year now.

I’ve been pulling my course together, my webinar and my sales page. I am not going to lie it’s been a lot of work.

I figured out my name for the course finally! I have it down to 3 logos. What do you think?


How to get started with an online business

So, you want to do something new, you've been thinking something with some freedom but you’re not sure what. Maybe you’ve always had the urge to do your own thing, or maybe you’ve recently become fed up with a job you hate.

There are many reasons to start your own business, you may know someone who is doing it or you just want more flexibility to be with your family. Regardless of why you want to start a  business, there’s never been a better time to do it.

What if you don’t know what business you want to start?


There are a lot of terms for the leader in a business, attractive character or the charismatic leader whichever term you use or want to create it boils down to creating a story around you that resonates with your tribe.

Creating your tribe doesn’t have to be thousands and thousands of people, if you create 1000 raving fans that’s all you need to create a tribe that will follow you and buy whatever you are selling.

First, we must help other people. Zig Ziglar says it best, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I never signed up to be a “leader” it always happened and I could never figure out why. It took me a while to figure out what makes a leader and it’s this insatiable need for knowledge, to master something and then share it with everyone.

People with this thirst for more knowledge want to teach what they know and they want to help or serve others. If that’s you then let’s look at how we can differentiate your offering from the pack.

Defining your superpowers... keep reading.

3 Reasons why buying a course didn't work

The reason we buy courses is to learn something so that we can apply it to our lives and businesses, right? You spent hard earned money on courses and you vowed that you weren’t going to buy another one but we do.

This one thing is all I need to move forward you tell yourself.

I am here to tell you WHY they

What you must know before creating a course

Remember last week when I said I would get back to you on all your “Yea buts” this week, well here I am!

For a quick reminder, here were the examples of possible objections.

But…I don’t like to be on camera!

But...I don’t like public speaking.

But…I don’t know all the technical things about courses.

But…I am not a graphic designer. (some of you think this)

The quickest and easiest way to create passive income

The beautiful thing about being a creative is that…you’re creative!

You tend to be “hands on” type of people. Creating checklists, getting things organized and making sure they are implemented.

What happens to us all is that we have a hard time letting others do what we do because we can either pop it out fast or we just tend to feel we can do it better.

Is this you?

You are always “doing”! We tend to work long hours and taking time to rebuild our souls is last on the list.

20 Side Businesses to Start Now While you Work Full Time

With over 70% of the population not liking what they do as a full time job it only makes sense why so many people are looking for a business they can start while at their full time job. 

How your personality affects your business

There are 16 different personalities in the Myers – Briggs personality test and knowing yours will change the way you look at things in your life and your business profoundly…so don’t ignore it.

The one thing you will want to keep in mind when you are doing the test is that sometimes you will fall in the middle – right dab in the middle and if you do then be sure to pick the tiny circle in the middle.

When I did this the first few times – and the reason I kept doing it was I wasn’t quite relating to the results – half of me was but it wasn’t a total heck yea moment.

Then I saw that little tiny elvis circle and said to myself

6 Ways to take your PASSION to PASSIVE Income!

If you are working full time you may be asking yourself - how do I start a business? This is to the absolute BEST time to start a business and here is why.

You don't have the same pressure to perform, you can go at a 5 hours a week pace and build a solid foundation and gradually build upon it. 

You can start getting a second income by setting goals that you want to achieve. Start first with $500 month, then $1000 you get the picture. Work your way up in increments until you get to covering your salary.