Finding your passion and your gift and put them to work

Do you wonder how to take your passion for something and make it work for you? Do you know your gift, if you can't quite figure this out then I suggest reading Strengths Finder and taking the test. 

I've been known to read 2 and 3 books at a time. I consume information, I love to read always have. Well my morning book is always a spiritual book and I am reading this book for the 3rd time!! Just enough light for the step I'm on" by Stormie Omartian. Every time I read this book I am in a different stage in my life and the book really helps me reflect on that very moment with such clarity.

I realized the last six months that I was going down rabbit holes that were not a fit with me in the least bit. I am a visionary, I can put things together strategically and give clarity to people and have done so with my sales team for more than fifteen years. It's kind of like a puzzle for me I get the pieces that are the most important which are the edges and I can see the whole picture. Which is why I am creating my course Find Your Focus - Leave Your 9 to 5.

Is this you?

  • Are you are working at a job that doesn't fulfill your creative side
  • Your job is not giving you financial security.
  • You are plain tired of working long hours for someone who just doesn't appreciate it or acknowledge you.
  • Are you disengaged like 70% of the population and yes...that's seventy! 

I can empathize with you wholeheartedly! Is this all that life was meant to be Monday through Friday from 9 to 5? Didn't you visualize yourself doing fun things every day and not just living for the weekends and your measly 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks off every year! I was 12 years with the same company and I had 3 weeks every year off...really? In Europe they take the entire summer off!

I can recall working in my second last company, a German company and someone from marketing working with me in the field, this is before I was a manager and we stopped to eat lunch and when I was done I started to get up to leave and she said, woo what's everyone's hurry here in the US? Can't we just sit for a moment and enjoy instead of rushing onto the next client? I know I need to do this more often in my life...what about you?

Wouldn't you rather work from anywhere? I don't mean work the 4 hour work week - but work your own hours doing what you love instead of 9-5 every day? You need to put your puzzle pieces together - your passion and your gift and put them to work!

Lets talk at one of my bounce off sessions. Send me an email message and I will send you my calendar to set up a time to talk.