Living the dream...

I have to say that there is so much information out there just to get started on your start up! Not even mentioning what your start up should be. All the questions, do I start with a blog or do I start with a podcast? Do I do webinars, videos, and eBook or on-line courses? It can be a real learning curve for sure.

So my first suggestion to you if you are going to purchase an online course is to figure out your learning style because teachers are very different. Not only are you relying on the content to meet your needs you have to kind of weigh in on their voice.? What??? Yep, because you are going to be listening to them a....LOT!

If their course is overwhelming or disorganized or if their voice is too much to listen to for hours on end really make a quick decision on getting a refund. I was so busy when I bought my first course that I ran out of time to get my refund. My BAD. That particular course was $5K so learn from my mistake!

My second suggestion to consider when looking at the course you have just purchased, look at the outline and the organization of the course. Is it easy to navigate or are you finding you are jumping from one module to another this creates confusion a lot of this has to do with the structure of the outline. The amount of modules is another key to look at there should be the maximum of 12 and I think that's still a little long - ten and it should keep your attention. 

The third suggestion is to start your course with someone else, week to week keeping you on task and on schedule and having someone keep you accountable. You can do this two ways create a group of your own find friends and family who are wanting to do what you want to do or least want to start their own online business if you don't know anyone wanting to do start their entrepreneur journey then get a coach or a mentor.  

Living your dream can become your reality just take logical steps toward it. First find your gift and work in that area because if you are an introvert techie and your trying to be a teacher it will eventually drain you of all your energy. In my course Find your Focus Leave Your 9 to 5 there is an assessment that is included that everyone does at the beginning to determine how the world sees you. You can read more about this in Fascinate - the website and Sally Hogshead also has a book by the same title. I know that when I took it I had some realizations that did not occur to me. I have done a lot of assessments so I didn't think this was going to be that earth shattering but I found some nuances that I wasn't aware of and trying to be outgoing in a large group isn't my thing it drains me - that is why I focus on one on one and small group coaching which allows me to live my dream!