Starting an online business...

Starting an online business can be overwhelming

Starting an online business can be overwhelming

There seems to be a reoccurring pattern in all the podcasts I listen to by entrepreneurs. Hindsight is 20/20 and if they could have known when they started their online business after leaving their 9 to 5 they would have done x, y or z. Here are a few things from veteran online business owners giving an entrepreneur their advice on if they only knew this when they had started.

1.       Don’t try to make money on line it can’t be about making massive income. It’s has to be about helping people.

2.       Stay committed to your goal no matter what.

3.       Build a team – you can’t do it all and know what your time is worth.

4.       Have a morning routine.

5.       Connect your passion with your gift.

6.       Find your customer – drill down until you have that person figured out.

7.       Networking – go to events.

8.       You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. So find people who inspire you, have more wisdom, discipline, knowledge and spend conscious time with them.

The thing is being right here right now this doesn’t help the newbie. The nitty gritty things are what I want to know like, what do I do when… or how do I it. If I wanted to start this… these would be helpful to someone starting out. These are not the questions people are asking in the forums or in FB Groups which is where we are told to search for our business idea.

You really can’t do everything on your own, I know that designing a logo, uploading a WP site, developing a course online, creating videos and pictures for my website are just some of things I know I have to outsource.

Another piece of advice “don’t get caught up in the minutiae when starting out.” How don’t you? If you are a one-man band! What are you doing to generate income today? That one gets me insides turning I feel like everything that I am doing is not generating income!

It's not that the 8 bullet points above isn’t good advice but these people are so far removed from the trenches now it just feels like they aren't getting your day to day frustrations. Am I wrong?  

Here’s the thing - we need to promote each other’s products and programs as budding entrepreneurs and not focus on these courses that you really don’t need or you can find on YouTube.

Find a mentor, or a coach to help you in the area you need help with. Yes, I am a coach but my niche isn’t going to fit with everyone so I suggest you find one that works for you and most importantly someone who really cares about your success…get a reference from someone. You wouldn’t buy a large ticket item like a car without doing your homework first and taking it for a test drive.

Cities are now having a special retail day to “support your local businesses” I want to start a special day for on line businesses “support your budding entrepreneur day” I am going to start this on my podcast. Budding Entrepreneur –"BE Day". Where we find other entrepreneurs who are starting out and they need help and your service or product can do that for them and it helps you get credibility or a testimonial so it’s a win-win situation.

If you have a new online business that you have started in the last year write me and tell me all about it. Tell me “what you wished you had known” when you first started. I’m sure what you have to impart is going to be really valuable to another B.E member.