What is your why?

This has been asked and referred to in many books. What is your why sends us to thoughts about who else…but us and why we are trying to do this thing.

We instantly say we are starting a business because we want to provide for our families, we want to provide for our retirement. Which are all good but maybe we should start to think of our why as a little bigger than that.

Apple was started not for the money that they could make but for the vision that they wanted everyone to be able to have a computer, that it was feasible for everyone to own one.

Toms shoes was started because they wanted to supply shoes for people who couldn’t afford shoes so everyone who bought a pair were giving a pair to someone who didn’t have a pair of shoes.

Hand in Hand for every bar or bottle of soap purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and a month and clean water to a child in need. 

As you can see…it’s bigger. Maybe we need to rethink our why. Thinking outside of ourselves and our families, what good can we do with the money we make in our businesses?

Be specific. I know I pledged that I would give 10% to a charity but I wasn’t specific that I was going to give to my church or to a school. I have to be clearer on this and really help women who are in need. It’s our obligation, if its solely about us and our families then that’s just not enough.

Krochet Kids, this is the organization that I will give to because it helps women and when you look at the website and see all the women who are working to make a better life for themselves you will understand my why a bit better. 

So I am going to be very specific as to what my why is. It’s not about wealth and accumulating possessions but about giving and making a difference in people’s lives.

I have since the beginning of 2016 been rethinking everything in life, I have sold my home so that I could start my business and really find my passion in life which I know is teaching and helping people reach their goals. Everyone should have goals to achieve but it just can’t be about the money – it’s has to be bigger than us.

One of my questions in my course is where do you see yourself in 3 years? I think I need to ask this question as well…

What is your why?