I hate my job... wait before you quit

Do you work longer than 9 to 5 - are you a burnt out from traveling for work? Some days you actually wish you had a 9 to 5 because you are never home and you put 10’s of thousands of miles on your car every year and you have Hilton Honor Points up the whoa zoo.

I was burnt out. I had been on the road and in planes for the last 16 years and with one fallow swoop I was kicked to the curb. My travel from Monday to Thursdays ended in December of 2015 and quite frankly… I was relieved.

I actually had a friend – say that she was kind of jealous. Which got me thinking... and also feeling sorry for my fellow salespeople . How could I help them get off the road too?

So if you are thinking of working for yourself, my suggestion to you is:

1)      Start now with building your social media platforms. Pick 2 but not more than 3 to concentrate on from the start. Mine are FB, IG and Pinterest.

2)      Get yourself situated. If you are single like I am you need to make sure you have all your stuff in order, like where you are going to live. I was looking to purchase a multi-unit so that I had a place to live very inexpensively or almost free and I didn’t get it done before I was let go and when you don’t have a W2 you can’t buy anything like a house or a car or open a new credit card account.  It will take you two years of a solo entrepreneur to show the banks you are credit worthy. Forget the banks even getting a rental was difficult.

3)      Find your side hustle. You need to focus on this now. If you are having trouble with figuring that out then book a 15 minute bounce session with me.  Listen to podcasts my goodness you are in the car for hours at a time make use of this time!

                    My favorite ones are:

i)        EOFire by John Lee Dumas – can’t say enough good things about John he is crucial in getting me on the right track.

ii)       Amy Porterfield is like a new best friend wanting to help you with what she knows has worked for her.

iii)     Smart Passive Income -  Pat Flynn, he’s kind of like your brother trying to help in any way he can to make you successful.

           There is a common thread in all of these podcasts they serve more than the take. Believe me I have listened to a whole lot of different podcasts and they don’t remain in my subscribers’ list if I feel that all they do is ask for something from you and they don’t have a serving heart.


         Well that’s where I will leave you only because you need to start thinking about those 3 things today, if I give you too much you may not take a step forward with your side hustle.

If you are going through a tough time at work or at home, I highly recommend this book for you to read. "Just enough light for the step you are on"… by Stormie Omartian

This book is amazing and has helped me through some tough times, I think I have read it 3x now and every time I read it another chapter speaks to me louder than before. There is also a workbook at the back. Which I have scribbled on up and down the sides of the book! I am not an affiliate just a cheer leader.

   One last thing…buy a small pad of paper to fit in your purse because once you get started you will want to capture all your thoughts and write them down all in one spot, forget the post it notes!


     Bye for now,