3 Things you can do to create extra income as a Instructor

You have to stand with your hands on your hips like superwoman some days! 

I have a friend, her name is Jennifer and she is a huge fitness fanatic and does fitness classes at 6 am in the morning and classes in the evening at 6 pm! She travels some weeks for work and has dinners from a health food company sent to her hotel room so that she knows she will eat right on the road. 

She also spends Sundays putting together all her dinners for the week ahead when she is in town. Now that is discipline! 

She loves to change people's lives and would do it full time as she says "if it could replace my income."

Here is the thing, we all have limiting beliefs even Jennifer who very disciplined with her workouts and a healthy diet. On top of conducting training classes several times a week.

Here is what I told Jennifer, start now. Her side hustle is visual - even better take pictures. Motivate. Start now building a social media following. Jennifer has 367 followers in instagram with 2 photos, do you think she could build a tribe with more photos? Heck yeah! 

The 3 things she can do today to create extra income as a trainer.

1) Supplements find a product you believe in and source that product through Alibaba  

2) Food preparation, weekly recipes to facilitate their fitness goals  

3) Membership sites. You can start now with a FB group and when it starts to fill up then you can create a VIP area where you charge $ amount to be apart of this group.

I want her to succeed, she's a good friend and she works hard. Most importantly she takes direction and is very disciplined. I tell you this so that you can do these same things, take small tweaks to your business and then lift, small tweaks and lift again. 

If you are to succeed you have to be disciplined. You should have a routine, I have a morning routine that I have formed by being disciplined, it was one step at a time. Building blocks, not all at once. 

Here are some of the things I do every morning. 

- Workout, not super hard I either walk or cycle and do some weights and stretching. 

- Make a smoothie, I have a special smoothie for my hypo thyroid that allows me to be medicine free. 

- Meditate every day - I am not the same person if I miss this step.

- During the summer I never once turned on my TV. In the fall I chose one night to watch anything on Demand.

I tell you this only to get you to start one tiny tweak this week.


It could be ignoring the time change and get up an hour earlier every day to stretch, to have a healthy breakfast, to write in your journal. 

Let me know what you decide and how you did - I'll be excited to hear about it! 

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Have a great week ahead!