You missed it!

Finding your PASSION first will save you a huge amount of your time and tons of money. I have spent more money building and tearing down businesses then I care to think about.

Why? Because once I was up and running I realized they weren't in line with my strengths, passion or gifts!

I thought…this is crazy!

So, I set out to find my passion and dig deeper into my personality so that the next thing I did felt congruent with who I was.

This took some time because I had to piece it together from different things I had learned over many years. Once I zeroed in on my discovery – I wanted to yell it from the roof top I was so happy!

I don’t want anyone to have to lose a ton of time and money going through this process, so I pulled all the steps together so that I could share it with other want-to-be entrepreneurs just like you!

I have been hearing about challenges and participated in an Instagram challenge last summer. I don’t love Instagram but I loved the challenge. 

I don’t know about you but I am always up for a challenge – maybe it’s because I was the youngest of six kids – I grew up with 5 brothers. ;)

So, to say I am a little competitive might be an understatement but I just love to take part in any type of challenge.

So, when I starting hearing more about challenges could you see how my ears might have perked up? Heck yeah! This was right up my ally.


Sorry you missed the challenge! If you want to learn more go to the Escape 9 to 5 tab and join us on the workshop that's coming up on August 30th at 8:00 pm! 

"When you honor your special gifts or work in your zone of genius, you're unleashing the full potential in you, that you create...miracles" Gay Hendricks

Talk soon,  


"Sometimes we need to be able to give ourselves grace. Grace that we don't have to do it all - we can create a life around our passion making us less stressed and more present for our loved ones.

P.S. Did you know that your passion can start as a side gig until you grow it to a full time business? .