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Marketing Strategy Sessions Made Easy

This was brought to my attention this week and I need to share it with you all.

It’s relates to business but I started thinking…it’s bigger than business. It’s in your life, your relationships and it can affect your relationship with your spouse or partner.

Let me ask you a question? Have you ever walked into a room and you’re all happy and maybe excited about something and your partner is in – let’s say an analytical mood. He’s thinking about finances and all of a sudden you clash?

Your Happy mode has been squashed? There are different hats that we wear and when we want to be the most effective when we are working / living with others, then it’s best to be on the same page…or should I say wearing the same hat!

There are 6 colors and the first one is… Yellow: Positive + Benefits

White: Factual + Budgets Thinking. Can you see how if you were wearing the yellow hat and your spouse was wearing the white how you could end up in an argument?

Then there’s the Red Hat: Emotions + Feelings.

The Green Hat: Possibilities + Creativity, lateral thinking.

You can see this working in a meeting, right? If everyone is wearing the green hat, then there are no wrong answers everyone participates throwing in their ideas. Giving people full range of possibilities.

This is hard if you’re a solopreneur, that’s why you need to create a small group of business buddies where you share ideas. Their input is invaluable

The next hat is the Blue Hat: which is Lists + Organizing. I love to organize and if someone gives me a checklist, they’ve got me as a friend forever!

The last hat is the Black Hat: Cautious and careful.

So, if you’re wearing the black hat this would be the time to think about what problem might arise or in other words the hole finder of the ideas – the ideas are when you were wearing the Green hat.

I love how they used the colors to relate to where you are in that moment. So, the next time you need to do your budget whether for your business or personal finances be sure to have everyone wearing their white hat.

Some days you will wear multiple hats plan ahead so everyone is on the same page and you won’t have HATS clashing!

So, to recap the 6 hats:

1: White = Factual + Budgets

2: Yellow = Positive + Benefits

3: Red = Emotions + Feelings

4: Green = Possibilities + Creativity

5: Blue = Lists + Organizing

6: Black = Cautious + Careful

The next time you get with your team or your family we might want to bring the right hats to the table!

Talk soon,