The 7 Habits to Optimize Your Performance

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This could invariably change the trajectory of your business and your life.

I know my favorite one personally is number six…read through and tell us what you have already incorporated in your business that has made a huge difference on your productivity and your revenue.

1)The first habit to form is…Creating a morning routine. This can be hard to create but the most successful people have amazing routines.

This could be, a gratitude journal, meditation, morning smoothie, a workout, making your bed or no media. It can be whatever you want to create.

Start with TWO and give it 10 minutes of your time. Increase weekly with longer sessions by 5 minutes or adding a new habit.

Oprah’s morning routine is to "tune herself in" by going for a walk, journaling.

Tony Robbins… Perform three sets of 30 Kapalbhati Pranayama breaths. Close your eyes and slow your breathing while expressing gratitude for everything you have. Pray and ask for help, guidance, and strength throughout the day.

Steve Jobs would get up, make his bed, shower, and then look himself in the mirror. He'd lock eyes with himself and ask, "If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I'm about to do today?"

I read Steve’s and I wonder how many days I was not productive, not making an impact and I need to make up for not making the most of each day inside of my business.

2)Time Blocking: Lots of people talk about it but few do it. Someone who does it well is John Lee Dumas. He blocks two days in a month to get 15 podcasts recorded per day, so all his podcasts are done for the month.

Can you imagine how this could work for you in your business?

Here’s a quick start method…every day of the week, block off the AM with a task that needs to be done in your business.

So that could be content creation: For example, you want to start to amp-up your emails to your list with daily emails then block off every Monday morning to create a 7-day sequence or a 5-day sequence and do two weeks’ worth of emails.

Can you see how this would ramp up your productivity?

This will grow your rapport and your business.

3) Habit #3 to form is…Energy

Energize…we sometimes can feel sluggish during our day. If you find that happening, be sure to make note of what you are eating at lunch. A lot of carbs at lunch can have this effect on you.

Then, at 3 pm you’re reaching for more carbs to offset the lunch carbs!

Can you see how we create a vicious cycle?

When this happens to you get up and get outside for a walk. I walk my dog Riley every day at this time.

Best thing to do is get out of your office or turn some music on, it’s scientifically proven by David Greenberg a music psychologist that music can wake you up – better yet dance or drink some water.

4) The next habit to form is…check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Create a Goal jar and of all the things you see happening in your business. Write a goal or a visualization and fold it up and put it in the jar. Fill the jar with all the dreams you see in your business.

When you are having a moment where doubt or fear creeps into your day – pull one of the pieces of paper out and close your eyes and zoom to that moment. It’s incredible how powerful you will feel after you do it.

5) The 5th habit to form is…Creating a network – who can you reach out to?

Getting another person’s perspective is necessary when running your business.

Someone other than family or friends – it’s imperative to have that sounding board from someone who is doing what you are doing.

Find an accountability partner and get with them for a 20-minute call weekly to be sure you are moving forward but also to ask questions.  

Each of you will get 10 minutes… don’t let it be a be-itch session. Make it a 10-minute power session.

6) My favorite habit is to…create ONE piece of content and multi-purpose it.

If you have a podcast, get it transcribed and make it a blog post. If you have a daily email, make it a blog post and repurpose it into a Facebook post. If you do FB Lives make it a YouTube post.

Save your time – time is the only thing we can’t get back. Why create more work for yourself? Find something that you love doing – talking or writing and create DAILY content.

Like the Alexa Flash Briefing. I write out what I am going to say and then record it and then make an email sequence and then post the 7 days of content into a blog post.

7) The last habit to form is…The Power Hour - the first hour of your day.

The POWER hour every day when you start your day, it can be 8 or 9 it really doesn’t matter. Take that 1st hour organize your day with the goals or tasks that you must get done starting with the hardest task first. If you wait until the end of the day to do the hardest task it won’t get done.  

In that first hour don’t take calls or get on calls until you have been at work for at least an hour. Stay focused on the task at hand. The reason you want to do this is because as entrepreneurs we don’t have anyone keeping us accountable, so you must build it into your day. Keep off social media until the afternoon if it’s not pertaining to your own FB Group.  

Personally, if someone other than a client wants my time I usually move it to the afternoon when I don’t use up my AM brain power. (no kidding, I just got a message on messenger as I am writing this)

I never have my ringer on because I am one of those people who will drop everything to take care of something, so this habit is very difficult for me!

Keep off social media until the afternoon if it’s not pertaining to your own FB Group. I schedule posts in advance with daily prompts.

Tip: Go to canva and create them and then you are done – repost them every week. I sometimes put up to 3 in for a day.

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