How To Be Polarizing...The 7 Phases Of The Mastery Framework

This week we are talking about How to Polarize Your Brand” with my 7 phases of the Mastery framework.

Messaging: The words and stories you tell that sell and make you unmistakably you. Is your message concise? Nailed down to the words that describe you and your business so precisely that your audience will understand what you do in 3 secs or less?

If I am being honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to this and you want to know something else, it showed up in my business by the lack of clients, the lack of direction, the lack of scaling, the lack of everything.

It wasn’t until I boiled it down to two words that my message became clear. Polarizing + Marketing. I help solopreneurs, coaches, online experts create messaging so polarizing that they become the Brand In Demand.

Ascension: What’s the next level for your business model. What’s your ascension model? Where are you taking your ideal client next?

Once someone buys from you, and you’ve given them a successful result. They want to continue the journey with you. It could be a small group format, it could be a mastermind. It’s the next level so it should be 5 - 10X the price of your current model.

So, if your course is 2K then the next step should be 10- 20K if it’s 1K then it should be 5 -10K. I bought my coaches print newsletter and then I bought his coaching, and I asked him what was next?

There was nothing. Only a thought of a mastermind but nothing in the works. What are you creating? Do you have this mapped out?

Signature System: Create a system that is uniquely yours.  a signature system is usually its 5-7 phases that you take your clients through that makes up your program. It helps clarify your message and creates a unique system that only you can delivery on.

This week’s it’s all about my signature system, and the 3rd phase of the MASTERY system for the Uncommon Brand. It’s spells out exactly what I will take you through to create an Uncommon Brand through Polarity and Marketing. Now, you don’t have to have an alliteration or a word – if it works then do it but if it doesn’t that’s okay too.

Terminology: Differentiating factor marking your position in your market. Creating terminology that is trademark-able also sets you apart from the sea of noise in the online market. What do I mean by this?

The uncommon Brand has two terms that are the trademark of the brand.

Complex Creative: It’s trying to be all things to all people. In essence, it’s a solopreneur who hasn’t niched down enough and are frightened to do so.

Unconscious Ambiguity: this is when a Solopreneur isn’t aware that their messaging is unclear and how much it’s effecting their business.

Elevate & Optimize: Putting a system in place that alleviates time and hustle. This is plan and it’s simple, you need a marketing funnel. Once you have a polarizing message you need to create a sales funnel with all the new messaging.

There are four stages that represent your customer’s mindset. Each stage requires a different approach from you, because you don’t want to send the wrong message at the wrong time. It’s kind of like a waiter asking you what you want for dessert before you’ve even ordered drinks and appetizers.

Awareness: A Facebook ad to funnel people to your website or landing page.

Interest: You offer something of value in exchange for lead capture.

Decision: Your content informs your audience and prepares them for a purchase.

Action: You offer a coupon your leads can’t resist, then begin marketing to them again to boost retention.

Revenue Stream: Building the perfect business model that fits with your lifestyle. It’s kinda funny but not really. I was creating a business model that was a course but in my head, I was visualizing being in front of people talking!

I believed that the course had to be first and the event second. Then one day I said – why does it have to be that way? I loved doing meetings, I loved small groups and they were all in person.

So, I changed my business model. I now do live events in small intimate gatherings so that solopreneurs who are tired of working on their business everyday by themselves can mastermind with me and other solopreneurs just like them!

So, is your business model in line with your personality and lifestyle?

You-unmistakably you, eliminates the competition. Messages need to be memorable and portable. Create a message that people will remember and take with them. You help people and you’re really good at what you do but is your message clear?

It’s hard to get heard in a noisy marketplace so be the brand people remember because you’re different Be A Brand In Demand“ I created a guide and it will help you dive deeper and create a clear voice so you can be heard in the noisy marketplace of being online.

Be polarizing. Be Memorable. Be prosperous.

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