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For those of you that might not know I came from the optical industry.

My last foray after 20+ years in the industry was managing the southeast, I coached anywhere from 7 to 11 sales reps at any given time in the last 12 years.

One of our messages to Optometrists was how to "Differentiate" their practice from every other doctor and chain out there that they competed against.

If I could go back, I would explain the concept differently with kinda like bridges. At some point we got so excited about our products that we immediately jumped into techno babble.

As coaches, I don't have to drill that point across as hard as we did in the optical industry.

Remember back to when you got EXCITED about what you do now.

That's a good starting point. There are other ways too.

The other ways to differentiate yourself from others in your market.

  1. Have a different offer from those in your field, do your due diligence and know there offers!

  2. Create specialized offers. (I show coaches how to sell their system not themselves - if you're selling yourself that's when it becomes salesy)

  3. Become the go-to person, the authority in your niche by writing a book.

I am talking about this further on the Girl Boss Coaches podcast this week.

Before you go, I've opened up "office hours" a non sales call for you to tell me more about your business, I will also give you one action item to use in your business.

When would be a good time for you and I to chat? to schedule.