6 Steps To Getting Started Online Quicker

First, what's everyone talking about when they say "create your business in a blue ocean!" 

A blue ocean means that you are creating a niche that isn't already someone else's niche. They created it and then more and more people show up in that very same niche and then it becomes what they call a red ocean. 

"Create a new opportunity for people so they'll want to dive in. Carve out your own spot. If you jump into an already existing red ocean, you will be fighting an uphill battle." If you want to read more about this concept read Chan Kim's book Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean.png

There are some fundamentals I’m not denying that. Like networking. Find a need and fill it. Write copy that sells. Establish yourself as an expert to name a few.

How to get out of the gate. This is a crucial factor and getting that shove when you are starting out...it can be overwhelming!

We are always in that “learning mode” and we can’t seem to tear ourselves out from behind the computer! You know you’re doing it but you just can’t stop.

So “they” say that you need to establish yourself as the expert. How do you do this when you can’t get traction…it’s like trying to make a snowball roll when there’s no hill!

Here is the traction you need. It’s just this SIMPLE sorry if you like things that are complicated!

If I had it all to do over again, here is what I would do.

1:  I would not waste time getting a website up. I am contemplating getting rid of mine, I just have so much content in there it's hard to let it go.

2: I would buy one course and implement it one module at a time. I was listening to a podcast just this morning that re-iterated this concept. We as entrepreneurs have this thirst for knowledge and we think the more we know the better and quite honestly it keeps you from executing. 

3: Get one client or customer and get a testimonial. Just one is all you need, take them through your process. Be sure to give them an amazing result. 

3: I would get a sales funnel. Build my product/service inside the funnel. Sales funnels are work horses for you they are not stagnate they guide your prospects through a process. Check out my funnel here, Love & Launch Your Business it actually has a members area inside the funnel (you can't see if from this landing page)  

4: I would hire out a VA, and any area that I know I am not good at. Anywhere you feel resistance in your business. You'll know it when your are procrastinating - that thing that's important but this video or Facebook post seems more important then getting that "thing" done. Here is a checklist I made for hiring a VA download it here.

5: Everyone says this but it really needs repeating. If you can find the ONE thing your customer wants and that YOU offer that ONE solution this is critical. When your solution fills that need then two things happen: 

  • there's no buyer's remorse. 
  • you will get referrals and testimonials

For instance, if you're a Life Coach you can solve many needs. Let me stress being all things to all people isn't helping you create a blue ocean. 

Life Coach -> For Women -> Getting over divorce 

Life Coach -> Women in their 40's  -> Dating After Divorce 

6: I would drive Facebook Ads to my funnel. The sales funnel I use is Clickfunnels. Why, because as I mentioned earlier they have a members area (for your course) and it's super easy to work with.

Sign up and get 2 weeks free so that you can check it out before you buy.

They are really cool with cancellations. I know because I did it.

I went to Leadpages realized it wasn't as easy to build and their customer service...well to put it nicely wasn't as responsive but if you want to check them out there's a link. They have a free trial too.

You're going to need a funnel if you're planning on being online.

Every business needs a sales funnel unless you plan to grind out content for 2 years before getting any traction. 

There you have it simply the easiest way to get started. Don’t get bogged down with the minutia.

If you want to learn more about business go to Launch your business without an email list or grinding our content!

Bye for now.