Be A Brand In Demand

Be A Brand in Demand.

Create with intent to pre-qualify people who pursue you. Posture and position yourself with amazing results.

Listen, people can argue with a salesperson all day but you can’t argue with results. Lead with your benefit. People buy when you touch on their internal belief, right?

People buy lawn care because they are embarrassed of their grass. So Trugreen gets it…Trust our experts to get a lawn you'll love, and live life outside this spring. They are touching on their internal problem that no one wants to spend time in an ugly yard!

Another example…is your message unclear? Are you not getting clients? Be a Brand in demand so clients chase you. Okay, shameless plug!

Remember, you are selling the result not the process.

Whenever you are doing a training never show people the process you are going to teach…meaning your program outline.

Why? Because you they will look at your program, they will have a mental check list of all that they already know in their minds and make a quick assumption that they already know what you are teaching and will move on.

Evergreen Content.

Create content that is going to be around for a very long time. Putting so much time into a social media platform like facebook or Instagram stories where it’s around for a couple of hours and then gone is short sighted.

Take for instance Girl Boss Coaches podcast, once someone finds it, they subscribe and believe me they consume.

I know this because they binge listen – normal daily downloads will triple easily.

Find a platform like a podcast or YouTube where your posts can be found and followed for years to come.

Doing blog post will achieve the same thing. Using Pinterest to send people to your post is a great way to get content to be shared over and over again.

Stay steadfast on your content creation and it will pay off. Stay away from activities that only drain you of your time and energy.

Hustling is over-rated!

Think you have to work harder to achieve success can be some of the worst advice you can get. But I get it, everyone is talking about hustling and it’s easy to think that it works because a lot of “successful” people seem to be everywhere.

They have teams of people to do this for them. Let me ask you – does everyone who works hard become successful? No. If you hold that belief you could actually work your behind off for years and never see the growth you desire. In fact, you might be worse off because you have less time and energy for your family and nothing to show for it!

I want to share with you what successful entrepreneurs do. They have a personal brand. Show me one person who is everywhere that doesn’t have a brand that they created, and they’ve become the go to person in their expertise?

Once you become known for something – yes, people will try to copy you. But you own 90% and they will fight over the 10%.

Can you imagine when someone copies you?

Do you want to keep operating in the social media hustle?

Or do you want to build a brand so that you aren’t competing in the 10 percentile?

The external things don’t determine your future. The past created the present. The present circumstance will create the future. You need to work from the future…what if you already had the business you wanted?

When you see yourself in the future where are you and what are you doing? Most of my followers want a lifestyle, they don’t see themselves in flashy cars or carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

They see themselves on stage presenting, they see themselves serving their peeps and using their wealth for good. Changing people’s lives for the better.

So, where do you picture yourself in your business (what are you doing)? Hit reply and let me know!

P.S. Tip of the Week:

Marketing Your Podcast. You know I’m always on the look out boss and if I see someone doing something (especially when it comes to marketing) your business, I’m going to share it with you. Girl boss Alecia is a 6-figure event planner and she’s pretty genius when it comes to marketing.

She’s about to launch a podcast and if you’re thinking of doing a podcast -then listen up!

She’s creating an Eventistry Launch Team will help her spread the word of the podcast, helping them rate and review and subscribe to gain more traction and she’s offering $650 worth of FREE stuff by being part of the launch!

I’m definitely going to do this when I launch my interview style podcast and so should you!