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How To Be Different and Be In Demand

This week is all about creating A BRAND in Demand…

If you’re not sure what your message is then look at your mess because…it’s uuuusually your message.

If you’ve been through something and you are on the other side, then it’s your moral obligation to help others with what you’ve learned.

Now, it could be an illness you’ve gone through or it could be what you’ve discovered and have overcome in the process of building your business.

So, if you feel stuck in any way then look at what you’ve learned and make that your message. So, remember, your mess is your message.

Become obsessed with “marketing your product”. Sounds counter intuitive but what I’ve learned in the last three years is that it’s all about the marketing of the product.Not the product itself!

All things need to point to your product. Now having heard the YouTube and Instagram stories last week they were about the conference Social Media Marketing.

The number one thing they are talking about is video. If you feel resistance around video then it’s keeping you from growing.

So, I am going to challenge you to do a video, let it run for 24 hours on your FB Page, then boost it and then run lookalike audiences to the post. Start to become obsessed with “marketing your product”.

Be Memorable and Portable. The Uncommon Brand - “ Be A Brand In Demand”.

Getting your tag line down to being memorable is how people with remember you but also understand what you help them solve.

I gleamed this saying from Andy Stanley who is the best communicator on the planet.. His sermons are all around messages – tag lines that people will remember when they are faced with making a decision that could be life altering.

So, Remember - Your message needs to be memorable and portable.

What problem do you solve – what is your brand saying to your audience. Your brand is not just your logo or the colors of your website, your brand goes way farther than that.

Your BRAND is what creates the demand. This is why your messaging is so important because we all file brands in our brains by the problem they solve. I get a lot of requests from Facebook every day and I can’t figure out what they do because it’s unclear.

This is a sticking point for most entrepreneurs. A way to solve this is to publish everyday – yes – it helps create your message. I know that doing theme weeks on my podcast has helped me zero in on my message.

Going Beyond Brand. Why is this so important?

Being A Brand in Demand is not just with your audience. It’s being a brand that is sought after from influencers, to be on their podcasts, to be in their summits, and to be a speaker at events.

The GO To person, the ONE, that solves this ONE problem this will make you stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace. There are millions of entrepreneurs, coaches and on-line experts out there.

They are all doing podcasts, FB lives, Instagram stories just LIKE YOU - so dialing in your ONE thing is paramount now more than ever.

Remember, It GOES Beyond Brand but how do you do this when you don’t have a team? You get input but more on that a little later.

You’re result needs to be the focus when you’re marketing. If you’ve successfully overcome your audience’s objections, then you don’t have to go into HOW you are going to do this.

If you give them a list of what your will go over, they will make assumptions that they already know what you are going to to say, if they already know it…they’ll leave. - Stick with your messaging around what you solve not how you solve it.

What they are looking for is a guide, someone who has been through what they are going through now and will help them stay accountable, so they achieve the same result that you’ve achieved. It's that SIMPLE. So, remember Sell the Results Not the Procedures.

It’s all about the possibility: Not the price. If you’re solopreneur who must get on calls with clients to see if it’s a good fit for your program or to explain your services, then you talk about the cost, the price of your service or program.

Here’s what happens…

The price is the last thing you talk about and that’s what you leave them with. What I want you to do the next time you are on a call is to circle back to what your program can do for them, the possibility that can happen for them in their lives if they work with you.

So, your take away here is… “Leave them with the possibly not the price”.

If you want to get to the next level in your business, then your messaging needs to become a BRAND that’s in Demand…check out our LIVE events at to learn more or dial in your message with the Be the brand in Demand Guide at the same location.

You can grab the Brand in Demand Guide here.

Talk soon,


P.S. The 3 questions Apple asked about their customers to clarify their message.

1: What do customer’s want? A: To be seen and heard.

2: Define our customer’s challenge. A: People didn’t recognize their hidden genius.

3: Offer their customer’s a tool to express themselves. A: Computers and Smart Phones