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7 Steps To Creating a Brand That’s Memorable

 Getting your message down so that it’s memorable and portable is the key that changed everything in my business and these 7 steps will help you do the same.

First, why does a message need to be memorable? Well, for two reasons. It needs to be memorable to your audience and it needs to be memorable for you.

Once you have your message memorized, you can be anywhere do anything and you’ll be able to always refer to your message.

This works especially well when you are on podcasts or speaking at or on a summit. Using your very specific brand language will ensure you are resonating with your audience consistently and not winging it.

Last week we talked about ways to get yourself out there and get known and our first step will help you get booked and it’s the key to success.

1.    When TV news channels are looking for an expert.

They are looking for ONE thing and that’s your confidence in your expertise. How you become a brand in demand is by repeating your differences in your messaging over and over.

You’ll create unshakable confidence. Your verbal tagline will end the thought. Just do it, or 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance or Coke a Cola – taste the feeling. Your tagline should be able to stand on its own and it needs to be memorable and portable. Like… Be a Brand in demand. Create your tagline.

Message + Memorable = Confidence.

 2.  Tell your audience what it is.

Brand Scripts are when you create a system – a road map – in the shortest possible way. What is it?

Make Better Connections - Grow Your Business - Increase Your Impact.

Eliminate Confusion • Connect with Customers • Grow Your Company

Discover Your Prolific Zone – Grow your Confidence – Create a Brand in Demand.

Once you figure this out, then you must repeat it over and over again and be sure to put it on your website. It will evolve. Don’t worry about that the more you publish the more you dig deeper on how you help people.

 3.  Tell them what your program is not.

An example of this is…

The Uncommon Brand is not another course that doesn’t get completed, it’s a system that you will complete within a TUB Circle. A Tub circle it’s where you’ll meet with your peers to create your prolific zone and get instant feedback so you know you’re doing it right.

What is your program not? Look at what’s happening in the space that you are in, is there something glaringly obvious that isn’t working?

I pointed out that The Uncommon Brand isn’t a course because there’s a TRUE statistic that I leveraged which is only 4% of courses ever get completed. If you can find something like this or just a pain point for your audience that you want to point out – this will work too.

 Prolific Zone + Circles = Instant Feedback

4.   Tell them why your program is unique:

Just one. Here’s an example:

What Makes Story Brand So Different? The Story Brand Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop playing the hero in the story, and instead, invite customers INTO a story. - Donald Miller

How my product is unique…the uncommon brand’s MASTERY Framework will put your business in the prolific zone, so your competition is rendered irrelevant.

I fought with a second one here that’s just as important but to help coaches the most is to create a message that’s so different that they become a brand it demand.

So, pick the ONE thing that sets you apart. Start with writing them all out and then ask yourself. What’s unique? If you have something like a trademark term, then use it here. Weave it into your uniqueness!

 One Thing + Unique = Memorable

5.  Identify a few core themes:

This is Different because… The theme is what your program TAKE-A-WAY is. It can be “easy” or does your audience “deserve” something?

What’s the underlying theme besides your three core brand scripts that you did from the first step. My core theme is…

You deserve respect.

Be rest reassured you’re doing it right.

You deserve to feel confident.  

Create a snippet…What are your take-a-ways? You’ll feel confident when you are on podcasts or on summits because you know that you took the time to work on your message so that it’s memorable and portable for you and your audience.

Theme + Take-a-way

6.  Future pace with a one-liner.

Some examples…Imagine looking up to 5 years younger instantly? You’re One funnel away!  Imagine being a Brand in Demand? Imagine being pursued rather than chasing clients down?

What’s ahead for them. What is possible for them. If we look back at presidential candidates campaigns the presidents that won always future paced. It gives people hope. Hilary Clinton’s - I’m with her – doesn’t conjure up hope. Let’s make America Great again – does, right?

Being a brand in demand means respect, not just from clients but from your peers. Think of a tag line for your business that gives people hope for the future.

 Tag line + Future Pace = Hope

7.   Circle back to your program.

When you are talking about your product or program, whether you are on a webinar answering questions, on a call with a potential client or doing a podcast interview, you should always bring it back to your product.

This takes practice.

Once you follow these steps this week. Getting your message out with confidence will be much easier…Do you know what else will happen?

You will be excited to talk about your product and with excitement comes their excitement, I would see this all the time in my sales reps, the ones who really believed in the product the most and had their own verbiage down which was memorable and portable were the most successful.

Answer Question + Circle Back To Your Program = Success.

Let me know if you have any questions about your message. If you need any help, I’m just a ping away. Hit that comment button and let’s chat!