Fast Path To Cash

Fast Path to Cash

What are Freemiums? They are sometimes confused with lead magnets or an opt-in. You see all of these are free, but the difference is that an “ium” is a premium offer. Where we might give a checklist, or template as a lead magnet a Freemium is giving your audience something that gives them an instant result.

Like when Ramit Sethi’s advice for reducing your monthly costs…call your cable company and ask for a better monthly package, dropped my costs by 23 per month. That’s an instant win, right?

So, let’s stop creating lead magnets and start creating Freemiums and give your audience an instant win!

What’s a micro product?

A micro product is creating a product that people pay for, it builds your list with hot leads. Someone who has bought from you is 7x more likely to buy again from you. The bonus is that a micro product pays for your ad spend.

Do you have a micro product in your arsenal? Pull it out and put a price on it. There are price points that work in different markets, so you need to test. Always include an order bump and even an OTO – onetime offer as an upsell.

I’m sharing everything in a training of what I discovered in my market that you can find HERE.

Let’s not confuse a blog / podcast / or any free content with a business. Giving away free content isn’t a business. It’s a tool for building influence. You either must have something physical product or an info product. An info product can be a course that you show people how to do what you know.

You can do this in many ways, give it live or in an evergreen format which means it’s captured in a video. People love shortcuts so you share your knowledge all in one place makes it easier for them consume AND we all love a guide, our entire lives have been directed by guides – parents – teachers – employers.

So where can you become a guide?

Creating a business around your Solution. If you have the result you give in the title of your program so that people will understand what they will GET at the end of your program that is key. Some example of this would be Learn to Flip Houses on eBay, How to get 10 dates in 10 days or lose 10 lbs. in 14 days or my client igniter program 10K in 10 Weeks ;) you get the picture, right?

The more crystal clear you are with your outcome the easier and it will attract the right clients and customers.

When offering your product to your clients, it’s important to give them options on how they can pay you. I only had stripe as an option to pay and this week, I added PayPal.

The best thing about PayPal is if you want to do payment options and your program is 1k or higher then they can choose PayPal credit where they have 6 months of payments without interest. Longer to pay, smaller payments, and it’s a win for you and for them.

Everyone has false beliefs on what they can achieve.

So, when you are creating a sales page or a webinar you must overcome those beliefs by creating a story that trumps that belief.

Creating stories that come from your experiences or your client’s experiences. To get their false beliefs about what you solve is to ask them, first in a survey. Or you can schedule a call with people who would be your ideal avatar. If you can record that conversation.

Then you can create your stories because most people aren’t quick on their feet when coming up with stories. They want to jump in with a solution.

This is what sales reps do all the time. I wish I knew this when I was a sales coach – we always went at it as overcoming objections and it was the wrong way to approach it.

So, start creating stories!

Who can you do a training with? Create a webinar and teach your secrets for 3 hours. Cross-promote it and both of you get the list. Do you have affiliates for your product?

You can go to people with a list or a group and ask them to promote your product and give them 50 – 100% of the commission. Remember you’re trying to build your list. This works well when you have an evergreen program. If it’s 100% your coaching, then most coaches do a 20% affiliate.

Implement one or all of them in your business this week!


Talk soon,



7 Ways To Build Authority And Influence Online

How to build your authority which then builds your influence online.

If you’re like me I just skip to the points in the post…so let’s not bore you with a bunch of filler stuff and get to the point…

1: Create A Podcast

Being a guest on podcasts or creating your own podcast. The best thing I ever did for my coaching business was to start Girl Boss Coaches podcast. In almost 500 episodes it’s shaped my business into what it is today.

If you had an interview podcast that will HELP you get to know more people, it’s a lonely laptop lifestyle whether you are an introvert or extrovert you have to get out and meet people and what better way to do that then to interview people.

Quick tip: Even if you don’t have a podcast you can still interview people and put it in your course as a bonus.

2: Meetup

Get out and meet people who have similar interests as you. Meetups are a huge opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and peers, gain and share experiences and lay the foundation for future collaborations.

Meeting new people can help you with new creative ideas, finding better solutions to problems you may have been unable to solve, as well as they help finding new partnerships opportunities, which otherwise would never have existed.

Quick tip: Community centers are a great place to do a presentation and get in front of people. Some meetups actually have people who present as well, so start looking for these types of opportunities.

3: Choose A Searchable Platform

If I could go back and change one thing in my business it would be skip social media and focus on platforms that are searchable like Pinterest and YouTube. Once you put product out there it can be found with a google search and it never goes away. Why spend so much time creating stories that disappear? Why spend all this time creating a post on Facebook for it to never to be seen?

Quick Tip: Get acquainted with the software Tailwind for posting on Pinterest and getting into tribes and learn more about building smart-loops.

This week we are talking about building your authority which builds your influence.

4: Snippet

What are they Featured snippets are the first thing that most people see when searching for a word or phrase. Featured snippets give you as a marketer a chance to beat competitors, boost conversions, and drive traffic right to your site because featured snippets take up the most space on a search results page.

They’re usually at the very top of the page there’s a great post from Neil Patel that I’m linking to because he is an SEO expert.

Quick tip: Update your blog posts with new information and change the title to include in brackets 2019. This will help google find the most updated information and it will help you to rank higher over older posts on the same topic.

5: Summits

Now I wrote extensively on this topic last week on why summits are great way to build your list, but I think building your own summit gives you instant credibility as the host of the summit. Pulling together other experts in your field gets you in front of OPA’s (other people’s audiences). Russell Brunson’s 30 day challenge summit Bailey Richart did the interviews. I didn’t know who she was and neither did the 10’s of thousands of people who have been through the summit. Now they do!

How to pick a topic? Focus on ONE problem you solve and find experts in that area.

Quick tip: There’s a newer platform that is geared to holding and organizing summits and it’s called 1-Day Summit Software. (not affiliated in any way.) but you might want to check it out.

6: Joint venture.

Find people who have your audience and brainstorm how you can work together. You could create a book with each chapter or segment being a topic designated to each person’s expertise that is hopefully building on the learner’s progression.

For example if you are a FB Ad expert you might work with a sales funnel expert and a PR person on how to create traffic to your website or build your list.

Quick Tip: Think of books like Chicken Soup for the Soul and the book series for Dummies. What could you and other experts come together to create. Whenever I listen to a podcast I always listen with the mindset of How Can I Apply This To My Business especially if it’s working in another niche.

This week we are talking about building your authority which builds your influence.

7: A Quick Training

Create a power point presentation and ask a group owner that you are in if you can teach on a topic that you are an expert on. Group owners are looking for people to contribute with conversations so coming to them with a training that could help their members should be a no-brainer.

They can introduce you and then you take over the training. Make it short not an hour long. 20 or so minutes and then if the owner of the group is okay with you giving them a guide that will help them further and offer it at the end.

Quick tip: Put the link in the first comment below the video and make sure it’s takes them deeper into learner more about your topic that you can’t possible give them in a 20 minutes.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Do you want to build your authority fast?

Do you feel like you’re not learning anything new when it comes to business but you are still looking for growth?

Have you taken courses and never really gotten anything from it?

The statistic on course completion is 4% so it’s not your fault. Courses aren’t going to keep you accountable.

Do you miss learning in a classroom – where you work with other students getting instant feedback?

If you said yes to any one of these questions, then it’s time for you to get a coach that will help you ignite your brand so that you are in demand.

Schedule a call today.

Talk soon,


How To Get Paid To Build Your Email List

How To Get Paid To Build Your Email List

Why not get paid to build your email list? We are talking about ways to do this in this week’s blog.

How to Create Bonuses in Your Coaching or Course

Creating bonuses for your programs or courses is more than throwing spaghetti to a wall and seeing if it sticks.

This will only overwhelm your audience.

If you look at other people’s offers you will notice there is a reason for every bonus.

They are interconnected.

It’s like when you go to a beauty counter and they offer bonuses.

They give you sample sizes of other products hoping to get you to use it, like it and buy it the next time you buy.

As online businesses owners, there is a whole other objective and it’s not giving your clients more courses or more stuff for them to consume.

That will ONLY overwhelm them!

There are 2 objectives that you need to keep in mind when building your bonuses out.

  1. You’re 1st objective is to give bonuses that will help your clients be successful.

  2. The bonus can squash any objections THEY might have in achieving the goal.

The bonuses should be tools that they need.

For instance, swipe files. Most people don’t like writing copy.

So, if your offer helps people launch then giving them swipe files so that they can easily change it out with their content, then that’s valuable.

Templates, people are busy and if you can give them a template then that helps them be successful.

I like to give my clients my funnel, it’s a plug and play webinar on demand funnel.

The third thing that really helps your clients be successful is a “done for you service”.

As an example, that funnel can be integrated by my team.

My audience doesn’t like techie stuff, so offering a DFU service allows them to feel relaxed about that issue. So they can create instead of being bogged down by tech issues.

So, what can you offer your clients so that they can be successful with your coaching or course?

It takes time to figure this out but your clients will tell you what they need by asking you questions.

Answer those questions with a bonus in your offer.

If you would like help, I’ve created a PDF that will ask you questions to clarify it for you.

Make it Happen!