What's Your Hook?


A hook is what is different about your offer that is going to GRAB your audience’s attention.

I like to give people action items because if I listen to someone, I stop the video, podcast whatever I am listening to and try to implement it immediately.

So, let’s start with…

How to come up with your hook.

1: Look at your competitors. What are their offers now if you haven’t gotten on your competitor’s email lists, signed up for their webinars or opt-in for their offers, what are you waiting for? Go do it now!

2: I’ve heard of people having their competitor’s webinars transcribed to truly understand what they are doing, when are they doing it and how they are presenting it.

Suggestion: I looked hard at this today. I have this mini white board in my office that sits in front of me, on the left are the things I need to do that I have committed to and on the right side I ask myself a BIG question that I need to answer, and it doesn’t go away until I’ve answered it.

3: So, your task for this week is to dive into your competitor’s content. First thing is to opt in to their list and grab their FREE offer.

Take a sheet of paper and on the left write your competitor’s name and the name of their program. On the right, write down their opt-ins and their offer – what their message is about. If they have a webinar then get on it. Record it. Transcribe it.

I want you to do this for 3 competitors.

That’s it. I think you have enough to do, so go do it. Now!

Write in the comments that you are committed to doing this. Integrity to yourself is key, but once you commit to doing this HERE and Now will keep you focused on completing the task.