How To Get Clients With Very Little Ad Spend [7 Tips]

Girl Boss Coaches Podcast Transcript: How to get clients with very little Ad spend:

1: Create a social media following. Be steadfast on building a platform. I created Girl Boss Coaches Instagram page a week ago and I am planning to build a following, through shout-outs, some bought and and some for barter. Buying an influencer’s shout-out can be more cost effective then buying FB Ads and I’d rather pay an entrepreneur then pay FB. They will put up a shout-out on their page for you and in their bio. You can shout-out your profile or an offer you have. Buy tools that will help you build this because you can’t do everything. I have a scheduling tool and social drift the surf the profiles with your requirements and start building a following. I still go in and unfollow accounts that are not my target market. I want to keep my followers as close as possible to my niche as possible. Go to Girl boss coaches and watch my page grow. 

2: Find an affiliate for your offer. An affiliate with a good following and a list. This is especially important when you have a small list. They put your offer in front of their audience, and audience that already likes, knows and trusts them. Some other tips buy a domain that you will send the traffic to. Make all your sales copy with their logos and branding. A good affiliate partner would be someone who’s programs compliment yours – so that your program is the next progression in the client’s process. You might be thinking – I don’t want to give up 50% but if you are bootstrapping at the beginning of your business – 50% of anything is better than 100% of nothing.

3: Co-Mingle offers: Provide a free bonus inside of other people’s courses by creating a bonus module of tremendous value. What you will get in return is the ability to talk to their customers through that module. Give them a link to your program and the owner of the list will then get a commission through that affiliate link and you have a win-win situation and you have a new audience that you paid nothing to get in front of them.

4: A quick way to engage affiliates: Coming from a sales background the most effective way to get affiliates engaged is to create a leader board so people know who is in the lead and then they can target others to beat out the 1st position. Money is good, but prizes are better so make your prizes great for the top 5 or 10. People love being acknowledged for their efforts just as much as money. Remember “what gets measured gets managed” 

5: Build your top 100 Affiliate Target List: find people in your sub market with YOUR audience BUT be sure that they have engaged audiences. Some of these competitors will have leader boards and you can find your target affiliates on their leader boards. Then start building a relationship with them. Give, give and give some more without asking for anything. Start with podcasters, bloggers, social media influencers. Now go start building your list and your relationships

6: TIP #6 Create a spreadsheet for your TARGET LIST - you may want to hire someone to manage your affiliates. Keeping track of what you’ve sent can be a full-time job for someone good with managing spread sheets. Map out a strategy FOR INSTANCE send an email -- wait 3 days --- send direct mail package -- wait 5 days --- send email -- wait 3 days send fb messenger wait 2 days send text message wait 3 days send email. Be RELENTLESS As you can see this is a big undertaking and a person dedicated to this would be highly recommended.

7: Implementation step 3 Follow up is key, if you’re not planning to follow up then it’s a waste of your time and money. It takes 6 to 7 touches before people respond and this is universal in all sales. Give them a copy or access to what you want them to promote and the results to back it up. They are very protective of their audience and they need to know that your product or program is going to give them the results that you claim. Put some urgency or scarcity in the message, there is only certain amount of time (a small window) for them to act. If there’s no deadline then there’s no FOMO. (Fear of missing out)

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