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How To Get Paid To Build Your Email List

Minimum Viable Product: Create a course of your own that is the entry level into your coaching business – a DIY program with minimal to no coaching from you. Price it at 500 – 1000 dollars and drive ads to a workshop helping your ideal clients through a process.

The price point is key because if ONE person signs up for your coaching program the ad spend it paid for. This creates a very targeted list that you can continue to nurture through your email process.

Which you need to be emailing at least once a week if not more and I suggest that you do this with a Seinfeld series email. The 4 Types of Emails to Send to Your List...and when to send them by going to

The second way to build your list is to promote a product your ideal client would want. This is key because you don’t want to promote a program that is not in line with what you coach.

The second thing you must keep in mind is…WHO knows HOW to promote their products really well. Not everyone has the charisma to sell products and there is a very strategic process when it comes to the close on a webinar and that person has to have the closing abilities on a call if they didn’t close on the webinar.

You SEE – They need to be really good at this, you are technically BETTING on them at a horse race…the more you know the horse the higher the odds that they will win.

A well-known person in your field of coaching is a great program to promote – people already know like and trust them. Just remember that their products or programs shouldn’t compete with what you do.

They should share the same audience. They shouldn’t be a competitor. Now not everyone is going to have an affiliate offer and some bigger programs SELECT who they will have to promote their program.

You need to have a few things lined up like, you have taken their course, a large following on one of the platforms and an email list – which you will have shortly – so don’t count yourself out!

So, start thinking about what courses you have bought and whether their audience is your audience.

Setting up the process so you can capture their emails. The type of landing page is called a bridge page. This is key because if you send people directly to the affiliate offer you aren’t going to capture their emails – they are!

So, creating this type of marketing funnel will allow you to do a follow up sequence to your offer of coaching or even if you are a service provider. I believe that building an email list should be every entrepreneur’s NUMBER one goal before building a social media following.

It’s the only ASSET that you own in your business.

What if you don’t have a product or have a program – here’s something that most people don’t know finding YouTube videos that are Public, means they are public domain.

So, creating a video series of well curated and valuable content that your audience would be interested in is key. Now this step won’t pay for itself until you do your nurture sequence after they’ve opted in. But I couldn’t leave this out because a lot of people don’t know that you can do this.

I know of someone who sent his audience to a Robert Kawasaki video and created a large list, so think of 3-5 people that your audience would want to hear from that you’ve curated.

Offer creation. When promoting another person’s launch, you should have your own offer. Why? You need to make it a no brainer for them to opt-in – I bought a course more than a couple of years ago now of James Wedmore’s through Rick Mulready. Why not buy a course and get bonuses of more training from someone who could help you even further, right?

The key to your offer is that it should do just what Rick’s bonus did – which was to help with FB ads. It’s a perfect addition to the core offer, right? Many of you know that Amy Porterfield does this with Marie Forleo’s B School – she creates an amazing offer because she’s been through the program and she bundles her own offer with it.

The Free Way to build your list! Earlier this week I mentioned public domain and that was not the way to get paid while building your list, so I had to tell you a way to build your email list for free.  

As you know I am a big proponent to O.P.A. by getting on podcasts, FB LIVES etc. but I have built my list with people from groups I am apart of too.

Now the BEST groups are the groups that don’t have their backs up or antennas tuned into spammers. Those groups are the groups that you have paid to be apart of.

Last week there was a question about getting on podcasts in one of the groups that I paid to be in, so I offered my download of my one sheet to this person and I told them the podcast episodes that she should listen to so she would know how to get on podcasts as a guest.

Not only did I get a bunch of opt-ins, but it shot up the podcast numbers at the same time. I was just wanting to help, and I even told her to unsubscribe.

Next thing is you need to be emailing at least once a week if not more and I suggest that you do this with a Seinfeld series email. The 4 Types of Emails to Send to Your List...and when to send them by going to

Now, go build your email list!

Bye for now,