How To Niche Down To Make More

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So, you have a passion? Well, you are ahead of the game. Most people want to start an online business whether that’s coaching, blogging or course creating but they don’t know where to start and if you have a passion you are already 33% ahead of them.

There’s a trifecta that needs to happen when you start there needs to be a niche, an ideal client and the third one is a platform that you are going to dedicate most of your time on.

The fastest-growing businesses actually teach a lot about that one platform but you don’t have to do this. If you find yourself an expert in this area then great!

If you are a coach, blogger or course creator then you have a blog and the best way to promote that blog is to use Pinterest.

Let me give you an example of niching down. If we are pegged by our title anyone can do what you do. It’s better to be known for your results. The more niched down you go the more money you make.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive but for instance, you are in marketing on social media and if we go one step further you have an Instagram course that’s pretty broad but if you had an Instagram program for real estate agents that’s really specific.

So, if you were a RE agent would you pay $500 for an Instagram course or would you pay $1000 for an Instagram course for RE agents?

Now pick your platform…

If you do demonstrations then, YouTube is your channel, people go there to learn and watch videos.

If you like being on camera then IGTV and Stories would work for you. This content is different than YouTube this is more get-to-know-you content.

Get into groups on Facebook and give value. You need to optimize your FB profile so people instantly know what you do and who you serve.

You will need to create a unique selling proposition, there are few ways to go about it.– you can amp up your differences not only by what you do differently but how you do it differently.

Think of how you are different – how YOU stand out from everyone else. While a slogan is one way your USP can be communicated, it’s also something that you can embody in other areas of your business, from your policy/guarantee, for instance.

Look at Zappos they have an amazing return policy. It’s not necessarily that what you sell is totally unique, but the message you choose to focus on that your competition doesn't. Let’s face it – there’s nothing new out there. We want you to stand out online and it starts with your your messaging.

If you don’t know what you are good at then look for next week’s post, where we will talk about finding your passion.

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