The Launch Formula

When you launch your course or business the best results are found in doing webinars. Now there will be a saturation of webinars at some point and they won't be as effective as they are now. 

So, start now you will be a head of the curve!

There is a lot of expense in doing FB Ads and if you aren't careful you might be spending more than you make.

So it's imperative to have a formula to work from, so you need to know your ad spend but you also need to know your conversion rate.

I like to call it "tracR".

T: traffic

R: registrants

A: attendees

C/R: close rate

You should have a goal of how much you want to make on your launch, its always good to have a few different levels for your goals.

The percentages we are using are $40% - 50% - 10% we will use this in the formula. These aren't arbitrarily made up, these numbers are used by some of the best in the business.

Lets start with your goals and as I mentioned you should have 3 - a wimpy goal, I'm alright goal and a bodacious goal. So for instance, lets look at three sets of numbers. 

Lets use $5K for wimpy, $10K I'm good and $15K for bodacious. I like to use smaller numbers only to be realistic on what a first launch number might be. 

We work from the end. So let's say we start with the $15k bodacious goal first. 

So we have a product that is $200 and our big bodacious goal is $15K 

$15K / 200 = 75 units sold. So to hit your goal you will need 75 units of your product to be sold on or after your webinar.

The common close rate used is 10% so if you end with 75 units then your attendees for the webinar would be at around 750 people. (750 x 10% = 75) 

The next number is 50% which means that usually 50% of the registrants show up so you would need 1500 people to register for your webinar. 

Now the next number you are working on is the amount of traffic the (T) in tracR that you would need to drive to your offer so that you get 40% of them to actually register.

That would be 1500 / 40% which will give you the number of people 3750 that you will need to obtain the 15K bodacious goal. 

So to start from the beginning, you will need.

The (t)raffic of 3750 X 40% = 1500

The (r)egistrants 1500 x 50% = 750

The (a)ttendees 750 x 10% = 75 

(cR) Close Rate = 75 

You would continue this formula for the other two goals as well. This would mean when you go into your webinar you will have a very good idea of what you will end with. 

Here's another tip, go into your webinar wanting to impart great information and tell yourself that its okay if they don't purchase because the chances are you will need to touch them a few more times before they will buy from you. 

This way you won't come off salesy. There is nothing worse! If you do come off that way the chances of you having an opportunity to touch them again will be highly unlikely.

So the key is don't lose them all together. 

If you have any questions about your webinar - let me know in the comments. I hope this helps you with your number crunching! 

Before you get started on your launch you might find the calendar of events for timing all your ads spend.

Good Luck,