9 Lead Generation tactics to apply to your business


Feel like you are in a darkroom trying to find customers?

You know they’re out there somewhere. But short of stopping everything else you’re doing to track them down, how can you get them to come to you?

When they reach this point, most entrepreneurs need to do something that sounds a little counterintuitive.

They actually need to stop focusing on getting customers, and start focusing on getting leads.

1: Leads on LinkedIn: Since LinkedIn is often where people go when they want to advance their careers, run an ad to a LinkedIn landing page offering a course to help improve a professional skill.

2: Targeted social ads: Send highly targeted Facebook ads running to equally specific landing pages. Take advantage of behavioral targeting features and lookalike audiences to put your ad in front of people who need what you do.

 3: Prospecting on Pinterest: If you have a strong user base among Pinterest’s demographic, post promoted pins linking to a blog post that contains strong opt-in opportunities. Post pictures or quotes that pertain to your niche. Then when you run your FB ads you can use the pixel to retarget that audience.

4: The quiz: Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned quiz? Offer some form of quick assessment online, then ask visitors to opt in to get their results delivered by email.

5: Content with options: If you regularly publish a certain kind of content, let readers opt in to get that content in a different format. Think about offering a slide deck from a video post, a transcript from a podcast episode, or an audio version of a blog post.

6: Cornerstone content: What’s the one big thing you teach your audience? Turn it into an exceptionally valuable lead magnet and promote it in a prominent place across your website— maybe in the header bar or navigation menu. If writing and graphics aren’t really your thing, how about creating a mini app? A worksheet? An Excel spreadsheet with calculation formulas built in?

7: The 404 page: Although you never really want people to go to a broken link, chances are, it’ll happen—even if it’s just because someone typed in the wrong URL. Make sure those misdirected visitors leave happy by adding an opt-in offer to your 404 page.

8: Cohost a webinar or Blab multi- presenter streaming session with someone else in your industry or whose skill sets complement yours; you and your partner each get exposure (and new leads) from each other’s audiences.

9: Start getting booked on podcasts find podcasts that have just started and work your way up. If you want to 10x this get a podcast booking agent.