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The Three Key Ingredients To Creating An Offer That Converts.

There are 3 P’s to creating an offer that makes your audience sit up and take notice. It’s the Promise Process and the Price. Yes, it’s that simple but there are also some mistakes that you need to avoid which we will go over but first let’s start with the 3 P’s.

A lot of people don’t realize that it’s in the offer that you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Quick note, this is also available to listen to on the Girl Boss Coaches Podcast.

1.      Promise - The Transformation or Result Available for your ideal customer. Clear Concise Concrete result or transformation your product supplies. Who is it for? What problem does it solve?  Describe an internal problem and the external is transformation or result. There needs to be a core promise and you need to draw a connect to the problem. Be specific concrete measurable detailed and does your offer save time and or money? These are the two biggest objections in a promise.

2.      Process - The way in which you deliver the promise – the vehicle - how are you getting people there through your training is it through –it’s the content – the deliverable, such as video – pdf – live weekly call – live events on location.It’s made up of 90% promise and 10% process. This can be changed as your business evolves or ascends to the next level. Process over Promise – If you want to make more money solve bigger problems. If someone is drowning, focus on helping them not what boat you are going to save them in.

3. Price - The price of your offer and instructions on how to pay. Price is marketing. What do you get for $10 versus $10,000 dollars? Conjures up an emotion. What is your price telling people about your offer?  How much will people pay for it, is not the question… you should come from it backwards. You chose the price and then get great at marketing. It’s the marketing that will create the demand and the market will pay whatever you chose. Be in the 10% of your market, the higher end. Price is a magnet. It attracts people to your offer. Walmart attracts a certain crowd of people. Nordstrom attracts a totally different market. People who pay more and will take your program more seriously.

Mistakes to avoid when Crafting Your Offer:

·  Price Matches Value – If I were standing in a room full of people and I asked the group if someone would swap 20 dollars for 20 dollars we wouldn’t get very many people rushing to the front of the room…but if I were to ask who wants to swap this 20 for a 20 plus 2 tickets to a U2 concert and backstage pass, that would be a no brainer, right? The price matches the value. You need to demonstrate that the value exceeds the price by 10X . If it fails - It’s a bad offer or a poorly communicated offer.

·  Vague Promise and/or Multiple Promises. If you have more than one problem, you will confuse them. “If you confuse you lose” There should be ONE result that you offer them. If you have a vague promise, when they can’t figure out how you’re going to help them they start to burn brain cells and then you will lose them.

·   Urgency Scarcity: There needs to be an urgency contingency before people will move. If they say…yeah, I’ll get to it later – it won’t happen. Think about this in your life. I’ll clean up versus company is going to be here in 15 minutes! That gets you into action. Same with closing of cart – if you have an offer that you give every month it has no scarcity. If you only offer it twice a year then they better hurry up and decide!

·   Guarantee: People have doubts…in your ability to help them and their ability to be able to achieve the outcome. Marketing pioneers started this back in the 18th century and mail order pioneers like Richard Sears started this to win the confidence of consumers. You need to have a guarantee – the more outrageous the better. Like double your money back…probably not going to be something you use but a money back guarantee is needed so that your buyers are rest assured that they have NOTHING to lose.

·       When we create our offers, they need to be new opportunity and not an improvement offer.Russell Brunson says it best…If it’s an improvement offer it’s harder for someone to hand over their money to you because then they have to admit that they’ve failed. Your offer should be positioned as new offer – There are two ways to to do this, the first way is opportunity switch and second way is an opportunity stack. The switch – is changing them from what they are currently doing to get what they want and the stack is when they’re looking for ways to get more from their current opportunity. They are already in a vehicle whatever that might be but when they see your opportunity and you’re switching them out of theirs and into something new.

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