Self-Branding – Creating A Personal Brand

Self-Branding – Creating A Personal Brand

So, you’re in a competitive market, right? Let’s nail down a few things that you can do to give you a leg up.

Here are my…

Tips To Creating A Personal Brand.

If you think of a person as a filing cabinet just for a second.

Every time you communicate with someone, they put your brand in their filing cabinet.

If your message isn’t clear the will press delete. Because they won’t know where to file you under.

What you want to do is create a tab in their filing cabinet.

So, you’re at a social event and someone asks you what you do.

Let’s say you are an at home chef, you will want to state the problem first “Do you know how more and more families are eating unhealthy meals and are eating less and less around the dining room table? I’m an at home chef that creates healthy meals so your family can eat together again.”

If I was at a networking event and someone asked me that question I would answer; “As an entrepreneur you know how hard it is to get noticed online, right? As an uncommon brand activator, I help coaches stop being a commodity product and create their prolific zone where there’s little to no competition.”

Are you cramming your coaching into a business model that’s not a fit?

A dance instructor and choreographer trying to create and online business through a course is a miss. I too was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I was trying to create a course when I really resonated with group coaching and LIVE coaching.

Transformation happens in circles not silos. I don’t want to be hands off. So, let me ask you are you trying to do what everyone else says you should do or are you following your heart?

The best open rates for emails will give you insight into what you need to do for your email content as well.

When I looked at my numbers…I noticed two things the headlines that got the best click through rates were any titles that were about them and what’s in it for them, got the highest CTR. WIIFM

The second one was the open loop. Everyone wants a closed loop. Think about this for a moment. I used to tell my sales reps that they needed to close the loops that were open in the conversations – that didn’t matter if they were talking to corporate or to a client.

If I was included in a conversation and it doesn’t come to an end you’re left hanging. People don’t like to be left hanging…they want to know the outcome!

So, open loops in your headlines and close them on your blog or podcast. Wherever you are directing them to.

I am going to share with you what I’ve learned this week and it’s that I am failing miserably at and it’s…in SEO. I said it. It’s out there now, but I also want to share with you what I’ve learned, and do you want to know something else?

 It’s not as hard to figure out as I thought. I kept pushing back on it thinking that it was hard and really it’s pretty simple. There’s a demo of a blog post that happened to be about fishing in Nova Scotia and the whole post is gibberish. The only thing they did was find what people were searching for and created a blog post and landed on the 1st page of google.

Here’s the thing I didn’t know. There are headlines that you need to understand what your competition is using and how often. For instance, there’s obviously your title which is Headline 1 -H1 but there are also h2 h3 h4 h5. And bold – italic – backlinks.

If you want to get ranked there are software companies that will give you this information, so you don’t have to try and figure it out on your own. I am using (not an affiliate link)  

I want to share a mistake that I’ve made, and a lot of entrepreneurs make and that’s buying FB ads when you don’t have your messaging down. So, if you don’t have your message down or your ideal audience or your niche down then don’t waste your money.

There are two reasons why your ad isn’t converting, it’s either your message or your offer. If you are promoting your program, then this might be a signal that’s it’s your offer.

A simple way to look at a great offer is to look really close at what you have bought in the past or if you are about to buy something pay close attention to everything in their offer as you go through their sales funnel.

You see, an offer is more than a program. An offer is how you bundle your program with the tools your clients will need to be successful. If your webinar isn’t converting, you might be missing the the problem solution path that you need to take them through.

Let’s bullet proof your business.

There are two types of offers. One will convert and the other will not!

The first offer is an improvement offer. Let’s say you’re a weight loss coach and you tell your clients that you are going to reduce their carb intake and make them workout 5 days a week, they aren’t going to bite because that’s hard work!

But if you tell them they can lose weight by drinking Bullet Proof coffee everyday then you’re in the prolific zone. It’s different but not weird and it’s not hard to execute. This is a new opportunity offer.

As you can see there is a lot that goes into the offer creation that people miss.

Let’s look at your current clients, why you ask? They are 65% more likely to buy from you again versus the 5-20% of the cold traffic that will buy from you.

Focus on the path of least resistance.

Create another offer for the current client to ascend to instead of trying to create another new product or program that will take all your energy to create and attract new clients.

You see this a lot in the online world, first they are doing a Facebook course and then they are trying to do an email course – WHEN all they need to do is look at what customer’s that they HAVE and what they will need next.

They will give you clues. It could be as simple as a membership program where they get access to you monthly or a mastermind program.

So, start creating a personal brand today!

Talk soon,


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