20 Side Businesses to Start Now

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With over 70% of the population not liking what they do as a full time job it only makes sense why so many people are looking for a business they can start while at their full time job. 

Choosing the entrepreneurial route can be risky but the rewards can be more than worth it. You have so much flexibility in your schedule and there is no cap in what you can earn. 

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Like they say you are never going to be rich working for someone else! 


If you are currently doing work like graphic design, copy writing, web design or a hobby that you love to do then creating a business is much easier for you. You've taken two parts out of the three part equation.

That equation is ILT - Invest - Learn - Teach. Most people have to invest in learning a new skill whether that's an online course on FB Ads or marketing funnels and then learn it well enough to first implement it and then if successful go one step further and teach it.

If you are a creative for instance a photographer, graphic designer, event planner, or a copy writer then you have two of the three processes in place. What’s the process, it’s called ILT.

Invest, Learn and Teach. Most of the population are going to have to invest in some course whether that is online or at a community college or university. Then the time to actually learn it so that is going to take some time as well.

Once you get your business up and running then you can also teach what you know. This can take your business to a whole new other level. Some people are not teachers and that is okay. Make your business thrive by taking on new clients.

If you are one of these types of creatives, I would suggest that you look at Lauren Hooker’s website – Elle & Company Design. She is a designer but she has become an expert on platforms required to run a business by offering teachings on Squarespace and Convertkit.  

I tell you about Lauren to show you how she is making her business thrive. She also teaches a few different courses, and I have taken her signature course Freelance Academy. Once you get hooked (no pun intended) you will become a raving fan as well. I just wish I was a graphic designer after looking at what she has done.

Let’s look at the 20 businesses you can start while working your full-time job. Most that are listed are jobs you can grow to a full time business.

1.     Virtual Assistant – If you have any organizational skills and love systems and processes then there is a need for you in the online business for entrepreneurs. If you can offer up a second skill, then you will be golden. You can post your profile on Upwork, Fiverr, Elance and you can also comb those sites looking for gigs posted by other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

2.     Accountant – There is a need for accountants for many small businesses. If you can specialize even better. For instance, if you know about the Profit First by Mike Michalowicz most entrepreneurs are reading his book and if you can market yourself with this accounting background you will be well received. If you are not an accountant, then you can invest in yourself by taking a course through The Income Tax School and charge on average $229 per return.

3.     A Blog – You are going to need a website so why not add a blog and offer up as much help in your area of expertise as you can. Always be of value to your audience and don’t sell them in your blog posts, you want to create a relationship and when you impart value they will want to support you in return. Create a strong platform by growing in knowledge of your craft so that the content you produce continues to get increasingly greater and it will build your authority in your niche.

4.     Interior Decorator – If you didn’t go to school to be a designer but you have a keen eye for what works well together then by creating a portfolio of your home and any other friends and families homes you have helped decorate will get you started. Joanna Gaines from HGTV doesn’t have a design degree but she has a gift and if this is your gift then start it now. Any business with pictures has such an advantage over other non-visual businesses. (like my business) You can also post great pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and they will be repined again and again. Make sure you have a great story that goes with the pictures on how you created it, like for instance - you like to go through your clients closets and look at their clothes and find inspiration from what they wear. You have a very detailed questionnaire that they fill out and it’s how you create their rooms. Also, always do before and after photos they always seal the deal.

5.     House sitter – If you haven’t house sat before start with someone you already know and get recommendations and a review from the start. You will have a greater chance with convincing people around the world with a reference. There are websites that you can to match home owners with house sitters like Trusted House sitters, Mind My House, House Carers and Luxury House Sitting. The key to finding a location is to be flexible in your plans. Create a great profile with your house-sitting experience, special skills and lots of upbeat enthusiasm. Also, be sure to include pets that you will sit as this may come with some homes.

6.     Social Media Manager – If you have great success with building your own social media pages then you may find this job right for you. This is a time consuming and a time sucking task for most entrepreneurs. There is a great need for people who can do this and want to make a side gig from it. If you build their presence, then your pay is of great value.

7.     Professional Organizer – If you have an organized home and enjoy putting things in order then this side business might be the perfect one to start. More and more people are starting to downsize some due to the baby boomers getting older and they are still the largest demographics. But people in general want to live with less and there is a need for you. The baby boomers are the ones with money and they would rather pay someone to get them pulled together than to do it themselves.

8.     Rent your Space – If you have a unique space, house, farm, acreage, warehouse, boat or store these make great venues for weddings, parties or meetings. This is a great way to create some extra income.

9.     Pet Sitter – There are a lot of busy people who need pet walking and sitting. I know that I had a sitter for 10 years when I was traveling every week for work. She worked full time and the day I would leave she would come in after work and walk feed and live in my house. You could get walking gigs at $20 a walk and greater and overnight at $40 and greater. You also would get referrals quite easily as the neighbors see you walking the dog and know who owns the dog and before you know it the chain reaction happens.

10. Event Planner – If you are organized and systematized this is the side gig for you. You can do weddings, workshops, retreats, meetings, birthdays, holiday parties, conferences, anniversaries, baptisms and more. This is a visual business so again it’s easier to promote on Pinterest and Instagram. There are other areas to consider so best to check out Event Manager Blog words of wisdom.

11. Photographer – If this is your hobby then it can first start out as a side business as a wedding photographer, baby photographer, stock photos, real estate and portraits (lots of internet businesses need professional photographers to make the brand stand out.) Put a website up and find your niche, also join Tuesdays Together in your city. It’s a network of photographers, wedding planners and it’s a great way to get known and work together with other creatives. It’s also a great idea to get other photographers in your city so when they have a double booking they may refer you.

12. FB Ads – This is a huge side gig in great need. You may have to invest in learning from an expert on this topic but it will pay in the end. A great teacher in FB marketing is Rick Mulready he has courses for local businesses and online businesses depending on who you want to work with. Small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have time to do all of their marketing so they outsource it. It can be very costly if they try and do it on their own and they realize this, they are starting to figure out that they don’t want to “trip over a dime to pick up a penny.” So not worth it and very time consuming for them to learn.

13. Podcasting – If you have the gift to talk and /or love to interview people on your specific topic then start a podcast. If this isn’t you then maybe try becoming an Editor of Podcasts. There are more and more podcasts starting daily and some people are not technical, so if that describes you learn about podcasting. There are a lot of courses out there for podcasters, Podcasters Paradise and if you can’t find one you like then find a podcaster and do their editing for them for free for 30 - 60 or 90 days if they teach you how to do it.

14. Squarespace and ConvertKit Squarespace is becoming the most popular website platform behind WordPress. It’s very easy to use once someone has you all set up and that’s where you come in. They teach you this all on their site all you must do is invest in the time to learn it. If you coupled this with ConvertKit which is an email response management system. To begin you could charge $25 and then $65 an hour once you are up and running and have testimonials. You can post your profile on Upwork.

15. Landing Page Specialist – Creating landing pages for online businesses is a great opportunity as more and more entrepreneurs are buying FB ads and want to send people to landing pages to sign up for a course or a webinar. The two most popular standalone landing page companies are Clickfunnels and Lead Pages. This is a lot like FB ads where the business owner has no time to a lot for learning all that goes into landing pages and the software that runs it.

16. Pop Up Store – This concept is growing. Empty retail spaces are rented and you create a store for a short period of time. You could do a consignment store or find a few representatives for a jewelry and clothing line and help them sell their end of the season samples.  

17. Sales Consultant – There are a lot of companies you can sell for part time like for instance, CAbi, Stella and Dot, W by Worth, Beauty Counter, Rodan and Fields and Etcetera to name a few. If you find the right leader to work under you can make this a full-time career in no time. Not only are you paid on what you sell you are paid on who you bring on to sell. So, find the product you are most interested in and absolutely love because it makes it easier to promote. I have a friend who does Cabi and has done it for several years and makes a living from it.

18. Affiliate Sales and Marketing – Promoting products, programs and courses that you have taken or are using in your business. I have taken a couple of courses and intend to promote them when they do another launch promotion. You can make 40 -50% of the cost of the product or course, and if you have an email list or a very good following on social media it won’t cost you anything to send an email to your subscribers. If you don’t have an email list, then you will have to buy FB ads and send them to a landing page or sales funnel promoting the product.

19. Amazon Affiliate – Find products to sell on Amazon either through arbitrage buying low, close outs and selling them on Amazon with normal retail pricing. There are some that work store closings and some that find their products on Walgreens shelves that are clearance, usually at 70 % off. You can also find other people’s products to promote on Clickbank or find a product from China on Alibaba or Alibaba Express (smaller quantities) and have it shipped to the Amazon’s fulfillment center. Read more about this on Income Add On

20. Write an eBook – Using your talents or knowledge on a topic and writing an eBook that delivers value. If you have the gift to write and you have a specific skill put them to work. eBooks don’t have to be long they can be short reads that you sell for 1.99. I read a series from a writer which if I recall it was 6 or 7 books at 1.99 that’s the price of a book, but they hooked you on the first book. You can also do something non-fiction and educate people on something that you are an expert on. What you know and find easy doesn’t mean everyone finds it easy.

If you want support for building your business request to join Girl Boss Coaches. (This group is topped at 100 coaches only)

There are lots of side businesses, side gigs or side hustles out there. Find something that you enjoy and make it your side business while you are working full time. If you haven’t read my story – I wish I had started this 2 years before the end of my corporate career because I could see it all happening. Always be prepared!

If this post got you thinking about creating something or have already started something post your website and tell us about your business.

Comment Below and Tell me what you DISLIKE about what you are doing today.