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How to create a TRIBE with YOUR SUPER POWERS

There are a lot of terms for the leader in a business, attractive character or the charismatic leader whichever term you use or want to create it boils down to creating a story around you that resonates with your tribe.

Creating your tribe doesn’t have to be thousands and thousands of people, if you create 1000 raving fans that’s all you need to create a tribe that will follow you and buy whatever you are selling.

First, we must help other people. Zig Ziglar says it best, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I never signed up to be a “leader” it always happened and I could never figure out why. It took me a while to figure out what makes a leader and it’s this insatiable need for knowledge, to master something and then share it with everyone.

People with this thirst for more knowledge want to teach what they know and they want to help or serve others. If that’s you then let’s look at how we can differentiate your offering from the pack.

Defining your superpowers. Wonder Woman’s superpowers were strength, durability and longevity. Her artifacts that she used was the lasso of truth, bullet proof bracelets, as well as a sword and shield.

Oddly enough if Wonder Woman’s bracelets were tied she would lose all her superpowers!

One of my superpowers is that I listen and watch what is happening around me, I’ve done this since I was very young. I have been told that I am very intuitive many times over throughout my life.

Putting puzzle pieces together is a superpower. I can see very quickly by listening to people what their course of action should be.

If you are going to start to build your 1000 raving fans the question is, who do you want to serve?

In Russell Brunson’s book Expert Secrets, he states that there are 3 different markets to serve.

Wealth – Health – Relationships.

Then there are sub-markets to those markets. So, for instance you are in the health market and you want to teach people to lose weight and become healthier.

In the health market, you would be in a community pool with 100’s of other people and we need to create our own pool in our own back yard, where we invite the people we want to have in our pool.  

In the sub market of health there are fitness trainers, weight loss diets or nutrition.

Creating a super niche is the third pool that’s in your backyard and that’s the hot tub. The “hot tub” is very niched down and sometimes it might hurt to get into this tub because you might feel you are not going to reach enough people.

In the “hot tub” is where you create your following. You are not like everyone else, like bulletproof coffee is a niched down weight loss solution.

You can niche down into a client type, for instance a super niche would be; Mothers who manage people, travel for business and have a salary of 100K a year.

You might be asking but why do I have to Super Niche down to the Hot Tub? There are a couple of reasons.

One, you want your message to resonate with your client. If you’re talking to the people in your pool there could be quite a few types of people in there.

Hard to have a discussion when the octave level is fairly high with a dozen different people in your pool. How do you get their attention?

In the hot tub its closer proximity you don’t have to yell to get their attention and you talk directly to them making your message super clear.

Another example of a Super Niche Market, Griffin Jones has a market of only 200 possible clients in the U.S and Canada. He helps fertility clinics with marketing, he obtains them with a $4K month retainer. He only has 7 clients and one is bringing in $48K per year.

Market-  Wealth (community pool)

Sub-Market FB Ads (Backyard pool)             

Super Niche (Hot Tub) FB ADS for Fertility Clinics 

To start you will need to develop your platform to start publishing every day. I made it a mission to start doing something every single day. This could be blogging, FB Live, Snapchat or Podcasting to name a few. It really doesn’t matter.

The more you write or talk you will see what will resonate and you will start to create a tribe or a following. It really only needs to be a snip-it not a whole long blog post every day.

These take me hours to pull together so my second platform is FB Live.

With consistency, you will get a clearer picture and with a smaller audience your message is laser focused.

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Next blog topic, will be on how to “separate yourself from the market”