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5 Best Ways To Build Your Brand

The best way to build your personal brand and create demand is through these 5 ways. I give you some of the resources that I have used to get you started.

Let’s start with the easiest and probably the best one first!

  1. Podcasts:

Podcasts are a great way to build your personal brand and get in front of your audience through other people’s audiences. Let’s start with how to get booked. I personally hire people to do this for me because it can be time consuming.

Now the FREE way and the ninja way to do this is to post in Facebook groups that you are looking to be booked on podcasts and that you have something like a book or a topic that would be interesting to talk about.

The only drawback from doing it this way is you might get yourself booked on podcasts that don’t have your audience.

These two resources for being a guest are Blog Talk Radio and Web Talk Radio are great resources for niche specific opportunities. It broken into different categories.

Anywhere from health and wellness to love and relationship to sales and marketing. You can also create your own podcast by becoming a host. Creating a podcast is super simple these days.

You can just interview someone on zoom and take the audio and upload it to a RSS feed like Libsyn or even easier Anchor. Why not start your own podcast?

2. PR Public Relations:

Another way to create demand is through PR Public Relations – these sources are from the book, Publish. Promote. Profit. by Rob Kosberg.

The first is a paid resource called Cision, it’s a database that gives you access key people’s contact information in media. According to Rob this resource is 5K per year.

The second is HARO Help a Reporter Out.  You sign up and they send you media queries 3X a day.

Pitch rate is another service same idea as HARO and the last one is Source Bottle where they connect journalists and bloggers to experts.

Also, for 20 more ways to get PR go to this blog -> …Just Reach Out’s blog by By Dmitry Dragilev . Be sure to listen to his interview with Neil Patel.

3. Create a National Day:

Yep, that’s right. You can create a National Day for your business. You know that calendar you see when it’s donut day.

Today it is April the 12th when I am writing this and it’s National Big Wind Day, National Licorice Day and National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

4. Networking:

Next up is networking, nothing new here but I bet only 10% of my audience is networking. It’s a great way to promote your business.

It allows you to gain exposure to a group of people who you ordinarily may not have had the opportunity to meet, but it’s important to not use these valuable opportunities to hard sell yourself.

Let it happen organically. Go to and find meetings near you. If you want to work on your presenting, then join a Toastmaster’s club near you.

The key is to get into circles and get out of working in your silo.

5. Joint Ventures:

Look for joint venture opportunities. Find people who have your audience and brainstorm how you can work together.

To help you build a personal brand even further is to be apart of a summit with people who have different areas of expertise but the same audience. You could create a book with each chapter or segment being a topic designated to each person’s expertise.

For example, if you are a FB Ad expert you might work with a sales funnel expert and a PR person.

Last week we talked about transformation happens in circles not silos and promoting live events. That got me thinking…how do I create circles for my readers and podcast listeners that are spread out over the US, Canada and Europe.

The best way to do this is through a membership site where we can be LIVE together and create community and help you with building your brand through the 7 Phases of the Mastery Framework. (there is more info available about this on the Girl Boss Coaches podcast on iTunes)

I set up a page just for you…if you find the content I give you on blog and the podcast valuable and you want to be a part of the Uncommon Brand Club I’m creating a membership for my remote peeps…go to (TUB: The Uncommon Brand) to get on the wait-list and  get in at the special introductory offer.

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