There's A Reason Only 4% of Courses Get Completed

This week we are talking about the growth that needs to happen in your business. Transformation happens in circles not silos.

Let me first explain what I mean by the word silo. A silo is a tower that stores grain it’s not where grain grows. A silo in business is when you are working in your business and not on your business.

We know that growth happens when we are working on our business but solopreneurs working on their own, can sometimes create a spin cycle.

Working in circles with other entrepreneurs will get you out of your spin cycle and into a growth latter. Creating community with likeminded business owners opens up the plethora of possibilities.

So, let me ask you wouldn’t it be amazing to create a brand in demand with instant feedback?

What do you do if you don’t measure up…to you? It will be impossible to have genuine relationships. The moment you start pretending especially on social media you stop growing.

There are some of us who have no desire to be out there like a Kardashian or in pictures in our underwear. But we want to be authentic… until you embrace where you are you can’t get where you want to be.

When you pretend you get stuck in the solopreneur spin cycle. But to be fully authentic we need to be face to face – eye to eye.

Giving ourselves time to truly work on our business gives me guilt. I’m not getting what needs to get done - done.  I started to give myself some grace with this. In the mornings around meditation I allow myself time to just think and it has given me so much clarity.

I also give myself time to meet with other solopreneurs (because let’s face it no one in your family really gets you) Give yourself time to work on your business and not always in it.

Transformation happens in circles not silos. Ask someone to meet you for lunch not to pick their brain but to hash stuff out – now go reach out now.

Only when you get known do you get better. The only way to truly get known is to do life with people who get you and where you are in your business…because they’ve been there.

Why do you think that people fall in love in rehab – it’s because first they share what they are going through and second, they find someone who gets who they truly are…they make connections.

When I first started this entrepreneurial venture, it was always in the back of my mind to create community and for some reason I followed the herd and started with courses!

I had no one to keep me authentic with what I was most aligned with in my business. Don’t do what I did and waste time going in the wrong direction.

Real people Real friends Real change. When you stop the hustle, you hear. When you stop the hustle, you learn to listen. To other people’s input and your gut.

In the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill mentions he was in a mastermind “No mind is complete by itself It needs contact and association with other mind to grow and expand” No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force which may be likened to a third mind also known as a mastermind.

Change in life and change in business happens in groups. Create a group. If you want your group to in a community where there’s accountability in business then join us live where we will meet and walk away with your message that’s creates demand in our

The uncommon Brand Circles Not Silos Live events and in small groups where you’ll show up live and create connection by being authentic.

There’s extraordinary power in being known and I’m not just talking about on Instagram. Being truly know in a group of people who know exactly where you are at in your business and there’s no judgement.

Having been a leader for many years in small groups they connection you create goes deeper – When I first started with my last corporate job the previous RSM would have a Florida meeting and a Georgia meeting separating the team.

When I created team building events and brought them together the growth that the region saw was 124%!

Creating an environment that people feed off of each other and work together is the key to success.

You’re not growing your followers or your email list because people don’t know you and don’t know what you do or how you are different from everyone else.

Take a look at my Facebook and Instagram profile – my message is clear; I’ve had more people want to friend me and the traffic to my website has doubled since changing my message. On a side note I don’t focus on follows on IG but if you listen to my Girl Boss Coaches Podcast or you are reading this post hit follow and mention the podcast, I’d love to follow you back and get to know you better.

There’s a reason only 4% of courses get completed they are missing the two key ingredients for growth.

A coach that does hot-seats once a month isn’t invested, they are doing the minimum viable product. (I’ve bought these courses too!)

Most importantly courses don’t give you accountability.

I have managed sales teams and small groups pretty much my entire adult life and transformation happens in circles with accountability. If you want to differentiate your coaching business and have people, follow you and even copy you then… create an Uncommon Brand.

If you’re done with courses that don’t work or that never get completed and if you’re done with working with coaches that are not invested in your success then let’s work together in circles at:

Chicken Soup For Business

Chicken Soup franchise is a huge win.

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

It's not as hard as it once was. You can hire out a lot of the research and the writing!

If I were to write a version of Chicken Soup it would be on how to scale your business and put it on automation.

I'd call it Chicken Soup for Coaching! How to go from coaching one to coaching M.A.N.Y.

This week on Girl Boss Coaches Podcast we are talking about all the things you can do to create value for your business. 

Did you know that the authors of Chicken Soup For Your Soul didn't actually write the book? 

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Making it happen!

The quickest and easiest way to create passive income

The beautiful thing about being a creative is that…you’re creative!

You tend to be “hands on” type of people. Creating checklists, getting things organized and making sure they are implemented.

What happens to us all is that we have a hard time letting others do what we do because we can either pop it out fast or we just tend to feel we can do it better.

Is this you?

You are always “doing”! We tend to work long hours and taking time to rebuild our souls is last on the list.

It's tough getting your business off the ground and once you do it's even tougher to scale it. If you are working crazy hours and if you are still exchanging time for money then its time to move your business to the next level. 

How do you do that? It's with webinars, it has been said over and over that launching a product through a webinar has grown more businesses then any other vehicle or platform. 

I know what you are thinking...yeah that's great but what do I teach? I am a yoga, Pilates or a cardio fitness trainer.

First you have to niche down until it hurts. 

Who do you teach for example, you might teach pregnant women how to keep their fitness going throughout their pregnancy.

Become the authority on all things that pregnant women go through with their health and fitness and how to spring back from pregnancy.

Answer all their questions become the authority. Once you become the authority you will be in the sweet spot to create another channel of income. See the blog 3 things you can do now to grow your business. 

You can also teach about anything in business that you perfected. Do you have a ton of followers on a social media platform or have you perfected something within your space that you can teach other instructors how to do it. 

Or you have all this knowledge, years of doing your craft...but its stuck in your head, no offense but it is and it's about time to let it all out!  

With practice - but first you have to create your slide deck and its going to be close to 100 slides. A hundred slides! It sure is because you have to give your audience all the What and Whys in a webinar and that takes time. 

You also have to give them insight into you as well as share some stories of success. How you scaled your business. I agree with you it's work on the onset but you have to realize that once you launch it's totally up to you how much you want to be involved. 

Your course can be set up and on evergreen and have no contact and they teach from video. Some entrepreneurs have a weekly FB live Q&A session, I have been in a coaching course and my coach had a monthly call. It really depends on you. 

You need to get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself. I have a list of things to do that will help you with that.

There was a blog I read about a guy who did one thing that scared him for 365 days and the best thing he said was that he was so not frightened to do anything anymore. He scared himself fearless! Here is the PDF.

I know, it took me a while to get over the butterflies in my stomach when I did anything that there were a ton of people on the conference call or webinar. After a few times it can actually be fun because everyone is on mute and you can't be interrupted!

You just have to FRAME it. What I mean by that is before you get on the call you have a conversation with yourself that you are giving everyone very valuable information and that it's okay if they don't purchase anything from you today, as long as they leave having learned something.

Maybe its the next time that they will purchase, as they say "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." They just weren't ready. It takes around 7 touches with a person before they are willing to do business with you. 

So start building now, giving valuable content without asking for anything. If you have a course or an off shoot of your business that you have been thinking about and want to bounce your idea off someone, I have a totally free bounce session for that exact reason. Because there is nothing worse then being stuck on an idea.

One last thing because I know you are talking yourself out of it right now! 

You are unique even if there are courses/groups or supplements out there it will be you that people will resonate with - you because of the way you teach. Think about it when you were in school were there two teachers alike?

No not ever and you had one teacher every year that you learned from that was just a better teacher because of the way he/she taught. I can think of two I am sure you can too. Then I had a teacher that if you asked him the TIME, he would tell you how to build a clock! 

You can do this, take your next step with your fitness business and start doing webinars to lift it to the next level.