Brand Your Business With One Niche

Niche Down To Grow Your Business.

An entrepreneur’s business is about getting paid to solve problems. That’s it. Identify a problem or a need and get paid to solve it. And your business can grow in proportion to your ability to solve bigger problems for more people.

If you’re like me and you’re a Personal Brand business selling your content and expertise, then you can take what feels like 1,000 piece puzzle down to just two SIMPLE pieces:

1. Build an Audience.

2. Sell them what they want.

Differentiation, we are in a very noisy time, and it’s only going to get noisier. Finding what polarizes you from others is the way to shine online. If we are pegged by our title anyone can do what you do. It’s better to be known for your result. The more niched down you go the more money you make.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive. So, let me explain. Let’s say you are in marketing on social media and if we go one step further you have an Instagram course. That’s still pretty broad but if you had an Instagram program for real estate agents that’s really specific.

If you were a Real Estate agent would you pay $500 for an Instagram course or would you pay $1000 for an Instagram course for Real Estate agents?

Terminology: The differentiating factor which marks your position in your market. Creating terminology that you can trademark also sets you apart from the sea of noise in the online market.

What do I mean by this? At Brand Igniter we help the Complex Creative, a complex creative is trying to be all things to all people, so their message is messy. It’s a solopreneur who hasn’t niched down enough and are frightened to do so.

Another way to differentiate is to…

Create your own formula.

Create a formula or a process that you can use in your messaging whether that’s on podcasts or on video for your Facebook or Instagram live streams or YouTube.

These are talking point that articulate what you do.

ReFrame your packages or programs.

This makes what you do different from others in the same market.

So, for instance, Dan Nolan has reframed his video editing business to be the Repurposing Video Content for Different Social Media Platforms. He takes what you have already created and repurposes that video for other platforms. He’s created a niche in video editing.

I’ve taken a sales funnel process and reframed it to the Lead Igniter System. It’s sexier than a sales and marketing funnel and it’s a very specific process that only attracts leads into a business that are potential clients because they have already invested in something that you offered.

Want help pulling all this information into a message that will ignite your brand then I made it easy for you with my brand igniter worksheet go to brand-igniter-worksheet it will walk you through questions so you can zero in faster on your brand.

Now create content with each of the points that you’ve created in the formula. Keeping your LIVE stream relevant and to the point is essential for people to join in your LIVE event again and again. So, staying on target starts with a PLAN.

Organize your thoughts and help you create a relevant LIVE that directly pinpoints a pain point. So, for instance…

Do you struggle with organic traffic? – here’s why.  

In a LIVE we only want to illuminate the pain not solve the problem. Give them content that sheds light on a knowledge gap that needs to be filled. Help them understand why they are experiencing this pain.

“People are not willing to pay for the solution to their pain unless you tell them why they are experiencing it.”

Engagement: Build a list of quality leads – that means with people who are engaging with your emails.

Not just opening them but clicking on your links – once I started to create quality leads I doubled my open rate from 15-18% to 30-33% as you grow your list your percentages usually go down right, not in this case I was growing my list and the open rates were going up.

Who wants to create emails that no one reads? I don’t – it’s totally discouraging to see that no one is engaging with your content, I’m I alone on this?

A big niche mistake is when your message is focused on the “how” more than on the transformation.

Focus on the things in your business ONLY you can do.

Imagine your business is a FACTORY for a moment. If you relied on working and being the “technician” of your business, the person on the factory floor putting widgets together on the conveyor belt, you’d constantly have your head down putting those widgets together.

So, while you’re doing that, who’s leading the business? Who’s crafting the vision? Marketing the product? Who’s looking out for future opportunities? Strategic Partnerships? The answer: no one.

First, you identify something you want. This could be a goal, an outcome or a result. And if you’re smart, you also put a deadline on that goal. Then, you go after that goal.

You take actions with the intention of accomplishing that goal. Then, that deadline comes and goes. And here’s what happens: you either got the result you wanted, or you got the lesson you needed. PERIOD.

Take action this week. Be bold. Build a brand in demand.

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