The Launch Formula

When you launch your course or business the best results are found in doing webinars. Now there will be a saturation of webinars at some point and they won't be as effective as they are now. 

So, start now you will be a head of the curve!

There is a lot of expense in doing FB Ads and if you aren't careful you might be spending more than you make.

So it's imperative to have a formula to work from, so you need to know your ad spend but you also need to know your conversion rate.

It's tough getting your business off the ground and once you do it's even tougher to scale it. If you are working crazy hours and if you are still exchanging time for money then its time to move your business to the next level. 

How do you do that? It's with webinars, it has been said over and over that launching a product through a webinar has grown more businesses then any other vehicle or platform. 

I know what you are thinking...yeah that's great but what do I teach? I am a yoga, Pilates or a cardio fitness trainer.

First you have to niche down until it hurts. 

Who do you teach for example, you might teach pregnant women how to keep their fitness going throughout their pregnancy.

Become the authority on all things that pregnant women go through with their health and fitness and how to spring back from pregnancy.

Answer all their questions become the authority. Once you become the authority you will be in the sweet spot to create another channel of income. See the blog 3 things you can do now to grow your business. 

You can also teach about anything in business that you perfected. Do you have a ton of followers on a social media platform or have you perfected something within your space that you can teach other instructors how to do it. 

Or you have all this knowledge, years of doing your craft...but its stuck in your head, no offense but it is and it's about time to let it all out!  

With practice - but first you have to create your slide deck and its going to be close to 100 slides. A hundred slides! It sure is because you have to give your audience all the What and Whys in a webinar and that takes time. 

You also have to give them insight into you as well as share some stories of success. How you scaled your business. I agree with you it's work on the onset but you have to realize that once you launch it's totally up to you how much you want to be involved. 

Your course can be set up and on evergreen and have no contact and they teach from video. Some entrepreneurs have a weekly FB live Q&A session, I have been in a coaching course and my coach had a monthly call. It really depends on you. 

You need to get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself. I have a list of things to do that will help you with that.

There was a blog I read about a guy who did one thing that scared him for 365 days and the best thing he said was that he was so not frightened to do anything anymore. He scared himself fearless! Here is the PDF.

I know, it took me a while to get over the butterflies in my stomach when I did anything that there were a ton of people on the conference call or webinar. After a few times it can actually be fun because everyone is on mute and you can't be interrupted!

You just have to FRAME it. What I mean by that is before you get on the call you have a conversation with yourself that you are giving everyone very valuable information and that it's okay if they don't purchase anything from you today, as long as they leave having learned something.

Maybe its the next time that they will purchase, as they say "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." They just weren't ready. It takes around 7 touches with a person before they are willing to do business with you. 

So start building now, giving valuable content without asking for anything. If you have a course or an off shoot of your business that you have been thinking about and want to bounce your idea off someone, I have a totally free bounce session for that exact reason. Because there is nothing worse then being stuck on an idea.

One last thing because I know you are talking yourself out of it right now! 

You are unique even if there are courses/groups or supplements out there it will be you that people will resonate with - you because of the way you teach. Think about it when you were in school were there two teachers alike?

No not ever and you had one teacher every year that you learned from that was just a better teacher because of the way he/she taught. I can think of two I am sure you can too. Then I had a teacher that if you asked him the TIME, he would tell you how to build a clock! 

You can do this, take your next step with your fitness business and start doing webinars to lift it to the next level. 


Why I have a Coach


Sometimes it better to give then to ask. Plus I am not very good at asking for help, this is probably one of my weaknesses because I think I can do it all. Is this you? Can you wrap your head around something and get it done? 

Not always the best use of time, so recently I hired a squarespace - convertkit expert and she was amazing. What would have taken me all week to complete she banged out in 1 day.

So sometimes it DOES pay to get the help. 

Here are some suggestions on how to get some free stuff when it comes to paying for coaching, classes or courses.

When I decided to start to do webinars it was because I came from a corporate background and they were a huge part of communicating. I decided that this is where I would niche down and then I became kind of obsessed with them. I signed up for every webinar that I could.

I watched, listened and took crazy notes - literally notes on every slide on how to give a phenomenal webinar from very successful people in the business. What to do, how to say it and even more importantly what NOT to do. 

Here is a suggestion on what not to do. I was on a webinar from a guy who was promoting himself on a FB group and how he was so successful in his business so I thought why not and jumped on.

He was very enthusiastic which is great when you are selling something, people want to be apart of the excitement. His vital mistake was that he was holding out the information for way too long. In this webinar you could see the question section and I could actually see where the audience was getting really anxious for him to finish and quite frankly so was I - just tell us the price already!

As soon as he did I am quite sure that half of his audience dropped off, just as I did. When you are done with the information that is valuable you need to close, don't keep rambling on like this guy did, there was no value in what he was giving us. 

When your audience starts to feel like you are wasting their time then you know you have lost them, if I was to coach this guy that would be the area I would focus on.  

What you shouldn't do is copy what others are doing - just watch as many webinars in your niche. Take copious notes on what you liked and what you didn't and put your OWN spin on it.

One person who did this very tactic was Russell Brunson, the owner of clickfunnels. Russell is a very creative guy who saw other people being very success in the vitamin business and set out to find what they were doing.

He tells us exactly what he did on his website. He started ordering his competitor's product and watching exactly how they did their marketing from the sales page design to the up sell and the down sell.

Then he mimicked what they were doing - not copying. He put his own spin on it. Then he went one step further and created ClickFunnels and shows you how to achieve his very success by mimicking his successful funnels.   

They say it takes 10,000 hours of doing something - whatever that might be to become an expert. If you did something or that one thing for 8 hours a day it would take you 1250 days or almost 3 1/2 years to become an expert .  

So if you are trying to be successful in your niche then I would suggest that you sign up for webinars and watch what they are doing and save yourself a lot of money and a ton of hours. 

Now if fear is stopping you from doing webinars do small steps to concur fear - here is a list of things to do to help you get over fear. Small steps make it easier to overcome fear so download that PDF.

When you are starting out and you can't find the direction you need from your family and friends, lets face it we love them to death but they are not business coaches and they don't always tell you like it is - they tend to tell you what you want to hear. 

So here is my second suggestion to you if you need coaching, utilize their free 15 - 20 minute call. Its not a lot of time but as you are discussing your business there will be a nugget or two that will come out of the session, I can assure you. 

Coaches love to give advice they can't help themselves. 

The third thing to do is sign up for a coach's emails they send out some amazing free content every week and leave some great advice in their blog posts.

I have done this several times, in my case its usually to see their sequence of emails or I follow someone that's doing what I want to perfect or learn in an area of my business. ie: Webinars 

Here's the thing if you are going to do these three things then you have to follow through on your own. That's not always easy because what a coach does bring is the push and the accountability.

You are the only person who knows if you will do it or not just look back your history. What a coach can't do for you is give you "MOTIVATION - that's an INSIDE job."   - Grant Cardone

Are you the one with great ideas - never to take action and then see someone else take your very idea that you had months ago and run with it and make it successful? 

Maybe this has happened to you more than once. I know it has for me more than 20 years ago I questioned out loud to a friend "why don't they make yellow nail polish or blue?" I could have been the OPI of my time! 

Its important to know your strengths and weaknesses and hire some of your business out like I had to and most entrepreneurs have to but if your a little bootstrapped why not take some of my suggestions and get a little help along your way.  

If you have been thinking about webinars for your business and don't know where to start sign up to be placed on the list to be invited to attend Webinars Made Easy and get my five step process to creating a webinar that transforms your business because webinars are like no other platform out there so start now.