Creating Your Traffic Strategy

Girl Boss Coaches Podcast:

Last week’s topic was creating traffic with very little ad spend and this week I want to focus on the steps or the strategy to create a well-oiled machine.

Day 1: Create a loop once I realized how fast it could be once I inadvertently created a loop it was an a-ha moment for me. I will share with you this week every aspect to the loop and how to create it. Today we focus on the daily content. This critical piece SHOULD not be overlooked. Yes, content building can be difficult especially around blogging for me – so I had to find a different platform – one that made it easier to commit to. If you are a writer then you can do emails, if you like being on camera then do FB Lives or Insta-stories, if you like talking then do these briefings like I do. I love teaching in steps – creating a map of how to do something gets me very excited and motivated to do it. Writing a 2000-word blog – not so much. So, today’s challenge is to find your daily content vehicle.

Day 2: Create a platform where there are millions of followers. Like YouTube if that’s your audience or Instagram. In the bio of which ever platform you choose put a link JUST one link driving them to a piece of content that is directly associated to your business. So, for instance, a PIECE of my coaching is that I teach how to close discovery calls so my content that I drive traffic to is 3 Secrets to Closing Sales Calls. If you don’t do sales calls or sell a high-ticket program – you are not going to click on my link and I DON’T want you to, right?  So, today’s challenge is creating one very SPECIFIC content piece that your audience and ONLY your audience would be intrigued by.

Day 3: Now run an ad to that piece of content. We do this for 2 reasons. We are building a larger audience and we pixel the page that that content is on. Mine is in an opt-in funnel even my website drives them to that funnel. So, I have Instagram, I have my podcast, my website and a FB Ad running everyone who does discovery calls to that page. They don’t even have to opt-in to the free download it’s not my whole objective.  

Day 4: Sometimes when we create ads it can be difficult to target your audience by creating your audience inside the ad and FB won’t be able to do a look alike audience until you have at least 100 people from the same country click onto that page. So, the goal is to get 100 clicks on your page so that the pixel fires, but the goal is to create another ad and retarget all the visitors to that page that you had pixeled. The beautiful thing is that now this audience is considered a warm audience because this isn’t the first time they have been introduce to you – remember it takes 6-7 touches for people to buy so you are creating this with the retargeting campaign.

Day 5: Creating something that gives them a need to give you their email address. Once you have this then they are considered a hot lead. Then you are going to send them an email the next day pointing something out to them or giving them more value for two consecutive days. Then on the 3rd day you’re going to drop in your offer.

Day 6: So now you have created your loop. You have one amazing piece of your program and you have an Ad, your Instagram, your daily content feeding your AD and then creating your audience, then it loops over to NEW AD with highly targeted audience and continue to do this creating your email list and building your social media platforms at the same time. I would suggest getting a program that helps you build your social media platforms or buying shout-outs if you want to ramp up this process fast.  

Day 7: Create one presentation describing your process, like if you were to present it live at a TED Talk. Create a title and a HOOK that’s truly unique (this could take a while) Make it sexy - Put a power point together and teach your process, create a transcript from it and make it a FREE plus shipping offer on how your process works.

Grab my Coach’s Toolkit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!