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Yes! I want to get on the wait-list for Clients That Convert so that I can create my own system to sell Premium Products. 

If you make a living using your expertise (i.e. coaching, teaching, etc) think of the outcome you create. For example, "I help people to drop 20 pounds, re-balance their hormones, and create extraordinary levels of energy so that they can earn more, live longer, and truly enjoy their life." That's a solid outcome. 

Your clients get transformation - not information. You're walking them through all the Steps they need to achieve the outcome. You're holding their hand through the whole process. This means you can make a massive impact in their lives. They will love you for it.

This is the kind of program that allows you to charge $3,000 plus for. Remember: what clients are paying you for is the outcome...and a life-changing outcome is worth that much. Are you ready to make transformations and put your lead generation on automation with the Clients That Convert system?