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Journey to here...


It all started when...

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Hello, I'm Louise and I help women Launch their businesses with their first client! 

To give you a little insight about my journey and what got me here...

It's always been in me a driving force to be financially secure and if I am being honest it started at a young age...six to be exact. 

Just 2 months after my sixth birthday I lost my father and my mom was left with 6 children. To say she struggled would be an understatement. 

As I was growing up it was apparent that other kids had more but watching my mother work extremely hard to keep afloat gave me the mantra that I would be self reliant when I was an adult. 

As a teenager I worked two jobs and went to school and I knew I was going to get an education so that I could survive on my own if I had to. 

I was very successful as a National and Regional Sales manager but here's what happened next...

I was working as a regional sales manager for a company that I believed had a mission that aligned with me so wonderfully for 12 years, until one day that all ended. 

In 2014 my world was turned upside down and working for this company became so stressful that I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid. 

I started digging deep on what I wanted to do next and before I could get there the gauntlet came down and I was given a package. 

What fueled me next was to help more women become more self reliant and to become the creator of their own destiny. 

It became my mission. I was looking for photos today, a year later and in the background you can see...Free People. 

My driving force has been to free women so that they can become their own boss... here's to looking at life through a different lens. ;)