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Hey There! 

when i first started my business, I felt like I was in the movie ground hog day. 

I was in this rinse and repeat but it was days of working hard and long hours and then get up the next day and do the exact same thing.. I was convinced I could figure everything out on my own. Looking back, I wish someone had told me these five things. 


Here's What I Want You To Know:


1) there's no such thing as good timing

When I finally invested in a business coach, I realized that being so close up it was hard to see "the forest through the trees" I didn't have anyone to lean on for support. If I waited until the timing was right, I would probably never have gotten to where I am now. 

2) you are worth the investment. 

I had so many calls with coaches before I invested to be sure there coaching would be the right fit for me. I wasn't sure that I could make the money back. Life Hackers, if you want to do big things, you have to believe in yourself. That is the first step. Just by taking the leap and putting money into my business, I experienced a massive positive shift in my mentality. 

3) you are much more valuable then the status of your personal business. 

You are truly amazing. What makes me so sure? Because you're here! You're reading this because you want to do BIG things with your life. You are defined by how you love, how you serve, and how you live: not by what you are doing in your life today.

4) Watch others but don't pull out a measuring tape.

So we follow all these people on social media because they "inspire" us, right? Maybe. But every once in a while, when one of their perfect little photos pops up in your news feed, doesn't their success make you a little envious? Life Hackers, they are simply further along in their journey. If you want to be where they are, you can get there too!

5) your crazy dreams aren't actually all that crazy. 

My family thought I was crazy - I passed on two job offers for six figures to chase this dream. To coach women because I wanted to be surrounded by like minded people. I want to help others achieve their goals and the more people that I spoke to in the entrepreneurial space, I realized that my dreams weren't that crazy after all. It's essential to surround yourself with other budding entrepreneurs so that you can continue to think big. This is your one life. Dream big ~ Be a BRAVE Heart! 


Notes from my last small group: 

Dear Louise, Thank you just doesn't seem like an adequate word to describe how much I appreciated you taking on the responsibility of leading our group. I can't believe its been 2.5 years. I treasure the friendships and the trust that we shared. I have learned so much from you and the group. Over the course of our Monday nights, we shared so much laughter as well as tears and I will treasure the moments forever. - Barb Gibson

Louise - Our time together in small group has made an incredible transformation in me. Thank you for your time, your energy, your knowledge, your influence, your spirit and your friendship.  - Amy Webb

Louise - Thank you for all that you have given to our group - you have opened your home and poured your heart into our lessons and spoke truth and wisdom into each one of our lives. We are drawn to your energy and you could easily connect with each of us. I admire many things about you, your business minded structure and discipline and your ability to lead and bring out the best in us. Your calm nature, your fun loving humor that made some happy moments and sayings "Jesus Murphy" that would have us all laughing. I learned a lot over our time, one being that its good to write down your goals, plan ahead, and create a vision board. And sometimes, you just have to "go". Trust. Believe...and drive really fast (Louise-fast) to get where you need to be.  Chrissi Major

Louise - Thank you for your tireless efforts as our group leader, you have taken us from small group novices to a place of maturity within our faith. I stand in awe of how God has worked with each of our lives. You have given me a wonderful example of how to be strong and self-assured while remaining open and flexible to new thoughts and perspectives.  Denies Cubero 

Louise - Thank you can't even begin to describe all you've done to facilitate such an amazing time of growth for our group. You helped make my spiritual journey one that I will never forget. I will treasure your role in my life always. Its been amazing to see the transformations in all of us. What a blessing this group has been.  -Christi Burton

Two of my favorite people that I had the pleasure to work with for over 6 years...David Stewart and Sarah Caron - great times indeed.

Two of my favorite people that I had the pleasure to work with for over 6 years...David Stewart and Sarah Caron - great times indeed.

Testimonials from Sales reps:

Louise was my regional sales manager for five years, building a strong team and creating synergy is apparent in Louise's team and stood out company-wide. We genuinely rooted for the other to succeed, brainstormed and problem solved with one another. She does this in an attempt to build team synergy but also she has equipped her team, with self-motivators and starters.
We genuinely looked forward to her meetings, they were motivating and always educational. We worked on product knowledge but also looked for ways to tweak our sales style or discovering more about your personal traits in the field. This ensured we used our time in the best facet possible and kept things relevant and positive.  Another important feature of her meetings was it was structured to the minute, well bodied and entertaining.  I will be hard pressed to find another manager to meet her standard.

Sarah Batista Caron

Louise was my Regional Sales Manager for seven years. Over my tenure I was guided and coached by Louise which I feel was a major contributor to my sales success. Through her leadership I quickly became one of the top reps in her region. She was there to coach and mentor us and urged us to think of solutions before asking her for the answer. She taught us to ask the right questions and the art of listening to the customer. This made her reps better prepared to give quick responses and the ability to think on our feet.
During the year we would attend two regional sales meetings and one national meeting. Louise was always prepared to teach us something. She was always researching ways to help us read people and evaluate the best way for us to communicate with our customers. I enjoyed her meetings as I knew I would take something pertinent away with me. She encouraged us to read books and articles that would help us in our sales careers. 

I enjoyed my time with Louise as my manager and feel that I am more successful due to her efforts.

David Stewart  


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