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Girl Boss Coaches Podcast is a daily one-minute power session for business women. It’s one topic for 7 days, starting on Monday of every week.

They are bite size actionable tips that you can implement in your business.

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This week on GBC - The Holy Grail in business…Clients.

This week I give you 7 ways to get in front of more people and turn them into clients.

Here’s what I’m talking about…


This week on GBC - It’s all about eBooks

I’m in the process of creating an eBook and I thought I would take you along. An eBook can give you credibility in your business, creating you as the go to person in your niche. Here’s what I’ve learned…

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This week’s theme is MOMENTUM

Since we are at the beginning of a new year, I thought it was fitting to have a theme all about creating momentum in your business. The first episode starts with you creating a new habit…

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This week it’s all about Facebook pages…

The first one kicks off with an important question…are Facebook pages dead? They may not have the reach they once had but they still serve a purpose and it’s kinda important.